Emergency Department Congestion at Saintemarie University Hospital Case Solution & Answer

Emergency Department Congestion at Saintemarie University Hospital Case Solution


Saintemarie University hospital is in the center of Saintemarie it consist of 2,000 beds and one of the largest healthcare complex and it is the only health complex in the metropolitan area. It provide all the medical treatments and medical disciplines. Emma DuPont was appointed as CEO in 1995. Her personality was influential and she was a potential leader to turn who had an ability to lead the company towards profitability by cutting costs and maintaining the quality of the services. This case discuss the waiting time issues. DuPont the CEO was facing the long emergency waiting time. As the health minister called DuPont and expressed his concerns over the health related issues and the waiting time issues. He was worried about the patients who had to wait till 18:00 for the treatment and an 86 years old women with broken leg, was waiting in the ambulance. Due to the involvement of health minister; the pressure was increasing on hospital to solve this issue. Saintemarie population is 512,000 and there was second nearest hospital within the vicinity of 80 km. so the visits of patients is relatively high there are other small hospitals and clinics that deal with emergencies.

DuPont was continuously analyzing the situation and was trying to check the waiting tome process. The rescue room’s work was the first priority.There were small teams so it was not possible for such small teams to analyze every aspect at the same time. DuPont asked the head of the emergency department to analyze the waiting time process and to also investigate why patients had to wait for so long, what are the possible solutions to reduce the waiting time for patients and to maintain the hospital’s financial position. The first reason that popped up was the less number of nurses and doctors in the hospital. Whereas, the hospital deals with patients from all age groups and also provides care to these patients. Fortalent management; the hospital had partnered with Saintemarie State University for talented individuals who had graduate-din different fields. Along with that, the ministry of education was also facilitating the newly graduates, trainers form different fields to be employed in the hospital. The annual report states that there are 600,000 emergency patients and 30% ratio of the patients use ambulance. The treatment for the patients was done on the basis of their specialization and their  problems. The number of patients is constant over the years, but the waiting time is increasing with time. There is a massive time mismanagement which is causing delays in the hospital’s procedures, putting the entire hospital in a problematic situation.

Operational Strategy

What operational problems is the Saintemarie Emergency Department facing? How do these impact the strategic and financial position of the hospital?

Saintemarie Emergency Department Operations was facing issues and the quality of services was decreasing. The basic issues being faced-by the hospital was the long waiting time in the emergency department, as the patients were waiting for averagely 30 minutes in an hour for their basic examination, i.e. from the registration to the allocation of bed. The average time for the patients was 3 hours that included-doctor’s examination, x-rays, scans and the specialists’ reviews. Whereas, the discharge takes 40 minutes from registration to discharge, which totals it to  five hours for the whole emergency department process. The long delay time in the whole process is causing safety issues and service quality issues. These issues are not only affecting the patients but it is also causing to be worrisome for the staff of the emergency department.The morale of the staff was decreasing and they were getting highly concerned about their incomes due to the low quality and long working hours. These operational and financial issues brought about disappointed patients and also affected the hospital’s reputation significantly. (Hublet, Besbes, & Chan, 2014)…………………..

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