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The CEO of the organization, Tom Harkness led an earnest round-table meeting for EMS and Sensors Industry Group Leaders’ in Washington, DC. He requested that his group go to the 5pm gathering utilizing the zoom. He requested all of his leaders to arrive at the given time so the gathering should be begun at the actual time with no time lost.

The principal thought process in the gathering was to examine the few issues concerning the organization which drive the organization downstream. He told his group that in the wake of knowing the various statistical data points introduced by a financial expert at MSIG and having the gathering with them, we should be exceptionally cautious now and now this meeting is settled on the extreme choices for the organization improvement. He said that I truly don’t need to unveil these issues to you however as our organization is going towards downfall, it is vital to take the brief choices dependent on the thoughts given by everybody of us.

He further talked about that as we know that the unemployment rate is increasing in the country, and two additional quarters of negative development will place us in a downturn.  A portion of our significant clients are in genuine difficulty and others appear to hold tight by their fingernails. We will truly feel the squeeze, yet I’m sure that after each difficulty, there is a straightforwardness. We should be extremely determined and firm in this difficult time. We need to begin arranging and carrying out changes right away. Electronic sensors aren’t disappearing, and I’m sure that interest will get once more, however, the organization that rises out of this plunge might be not quite the same as the organization we have now. We ought not to fear the change, yet we can’t trust that changes will happen to us.

The main motive of this meeting was to ask the relevant ideas from all the leaders regarding the issues and to implement those ideas on the business to overcome those issues.


I, as a part of this execution team, think few changes could be implemented to make the company stable. These changes are:

2.1 Industry conditions

I think we need to focus very broadly on the marketing strategy in which the company is running. These strategies may include sales, budget line, sales forecast, and promotion budget. These factors need to be set properly to overcome the problems. We need to look at the competitors and plan the product budget line in such a way that attracts the buyers towards our company. We need to focus on the buying criteria. The buying criteria consist of four factors that are price, age, MTBF, and positioning. Each segment has different criteria for these factors. Reliability is one factor that needs to look closely.

To deal with the damage the company is facing, we need to set these factors in a way that meets with customer’s requirements………………….

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