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Efficiency & Engagement Case Solution 


Today, no one would disagree that the two main factors, i.e. technology and travel are the flawless combination. This combined strength also plays an important role in our journey: from the holiday destination,which has been chosen until the final destination, and even after returning from the adventure, what we do. According to a Google Travel study, this situation is very common, with 74% of travelers planning to travel online, while only 13% of travelers use travel interventions to make for their trip.

The millennium generation also played an important role in this standard shift. They felt it is adorable to travel and they loved the new technologies. This combination of interest has given a rise to a new environment where societal broadcasting and mass media, applications, blogs and so on are prevalent. They play a significant role in a decision making related to a journey (holiday/travel). Similarly, as the industry-gradually implemented this tendency, it followed uniform adjustments to its business models and introduced products to attract this desirable goal.

If they just want to get to a certain place, they search online for cheap tickets offered by airlines, then they will look for which destination is the cheapest. This situation is ubiquitous today and was unthinkable a few years ago.

This industry is going through a metamorphosis.The Director of the Tourism Innovation Department commented on the Forum’s activities: “Change is not just about improving the process or improving the tourism experience; you need to change the travel system itself. They are involved in process development, customer service, customer relationships and the creation of new business models.

Arjan Dijk from, recently expressed a similar view and stated: In this new decade, we will see how the tourism industry is striving to respond to some of its sustainability. With the needs of travelers, with the development of products, features and services, more technical knowledge or curiosity; everyone can easily explore the world.

After that, there is a need to review some of the technological developments that have left a bottomlessspot on the industry.(Revfine Optimising Revenue, 2016).

Market Evolution

The seven most important technical solutions for Thomas Cook as it is the tourism company and want to change its business model according to the new market evolution, are as follows:

Mobile Technology

Undoubtedly, this is the main feature of the new means of transport.Therefore, Thomas Cook must need to personalize the commercial services and infrastructures with mobile technological tools. Such as the KLM used Facebook Messenger to create passenger information services.

For customers, after booking through Thomas Cook, the system sends the ticket information and updates of the boarding pass or flight status to the user via Facebook Messenger. This way, the user can use the applications they are already using, and have all the relevant information about their itinerary at their fingertips, so there is no need to download other content.


Augmented Reality, sometimes known as improved certainty and sometimes known as Virtual Reality, has also cross the threshold of the world travel level, and the truth is that this trend is existent at Thomas Cook because of all the options it offers.

By layering graphics, Thomas Cook in the travel business can dramatically improve the purchaser understanding by providing valued information and smooth as well as unpolluted performing. Such as the development of the mobile app may allow Thomas Cook to use filters and effects to enhance their photos. When Thomas Cook’s customers show their smartphone to them, they can also see detailed information about local destinations and can provide the information at the most appropriate time.

Cyber Security

Cyber ​​security is a major concern for travel managers as companies in the industry are increasingly threatened by the cyber-attacks, and they are also more vulnerable to other types of data breaches. Thomas Cook as a travel agency is the main destination because they employ many people and have access to an extensive customer data.

The biggest threats in this area are phishing attacks and ransomware attacks, although the modern data dependency also puts businesses at risk of human error caused by their employees. To overcome this, the Thomas Cook needs to invest in cyber-security training and various hardware and software solutions for the business security.

Internet of Things

For example, IoT knowledge and expertise can be applicable in the hotel rooms of Thomas Cook to deliver guests with devices that can connect all other devices, from lamps, heaters to air conditioners, so they can be controlled from one place. However, at the airport, the luggage compartment can be equipped with sensors that trigger an alarm when passengers pass by.

Big data

There has been a lot of information and data about the big data, but it hasnot yet shown all the prospects and openings that it offers for tourism by Thomas Cook. However, it is already used by many companies in the industry.

The Thomas Cook’s hotel chain in this data sets,determines the best targets for marketing activities based on customer information. The first step is to check the database in which the Thomas Cook will see the public data provided by the government, to determine the most suitable business,which increases the effectiveness and success rate of the company.


The block-chain is a kind of an evolution in technology, which needs to change the world. Even though it is mostly and purposely related to finances, but it also gives the impression of disturbing and affecting the travel business of Thomas Cook.However, an extensive amount of testing has been done, which can help in identifying the airport passengers, making sure of the visibility of visitors’ opinions and making payments easier and safer.

5 G

With the help of 5G networks, travel technology of Thomas Cook has become more powerful. They guarantee faster upload and download,and actually reap the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT).Captivating tourism is becoming a reality, and technology is making travelers the protagonists of the experience.

The BBC has carried out a test development using 5G and the users can return to the site in time for reconstruction at a critical point in history. A video is shown at the BBC page which is based on an experimental test, which has found more than 80% of participants said that if they had such an experience, they would prefer to visit the museums Finally, in this list of major technological trends; recognition technology is particularly interesting for the Thomas Cook because it is able to eliminate friction during purchases and to achieve perfect interaction…………..

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