PUBLICATION DATE: February 09, 2003

Edward Norris and the Baltimore Police Department (A) Case Solution

This undisguised case deals with the topic of amazing direction and managing crime -fighting as a business. It presents students with an opportunity to investigate as well as to design a large scale organizational change initiative and develop an extensive action plan for managing it. The challenges include low arrest rates, declining population, racial tension, adverse effects on business, backing, crucial media, entrenched crime, and a police department with a dysfunctional organization and underused resources and culture.
In the A case, pupils are asked to lay out their action plan for dealing with the situation and, in so doing, have to wrestle with most of the problems in managing large-scale organizational change. This case series was taught very successfully as a two-day course. Both cases comprise extensive video clips for both faculty use and pupil preparation in course. A teaching note is available for faculty that is documented.

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