Edward Norris Case Solution


An assistant commissioner in The New York City Policy Department (NYPD) namely Edward T. Norris supervised the activities of 44,000 officers, not only this, he has  also been credited with helping in turnaround in crime scenes, (NYPD) has offered the same job of managing and administrating 3000 officers in Baltimore. Such case deals with handling as well as managing crime fighting. The challenges includes racial tension, entrenched crime, negative impact on business, crime population, low arrest rates, critical media, under funding and a police department with dysfunctional culture and organization and underused resources. The action plan should be developed in order to better deal with the situation, and to wrestle with emerging issues in managing the large scale organizational change.

Challenges Faced By Norris

The profession of public safety and policing continues to confront variety of new challenges that tend to present wealth opportunities to initiate the substantive change. Since, being an outsider might affect the ability of Norris to build trust and carrying the preconceived image of his being a New York City Police Department (NYPD) cop, and it would be difficult for him to build credibility. He might also face various challenges and issues related to new working environment, some of them are discussed below:

  1. Communication

It is one of an influential factor that can hinder the efficiency of the organization and can also influence the trust level of employees among each other as well as among the management. The organization of police department needs to foster an open environment where the employees can communicate with each other and share their thoughts and ideas without any hesitation. The consistent communication would most likely make Norris feel more invested and engaged in his job and it would help him to understand the larger vision behind the business.

  1. Motivation

In essence, the workplace motivation would directly influence the productivity of Norris to a greater extent. It is significant to motivate and encourage new employees in order to make them committed and engaged to achieve the organization’s objective. Also, it is significantly important to address the motivation that would help facilitate increased productivity and it would also make Norris feel welcomed in the new organization. Various extrinsic rewards such as longevity and educational pay and pay raise are often considered as effective factors for motivating employees. Also, it is to note that for police officers, the intrinsic rewards are more motivating factors as compared to extrinsic rewards. The intrinsic rewards includes provision of safe community as well as reducing the crime rate which would provide accomplishments or personal satisfaction.

  1. Cultural difference

In addition to this, the workplace diversity or cultural difference may hinder the productivity of Norris because he might feel that he has no freedom to try different approaches and to be creative to solve problems. He might not be allowed to generate new ideas and might feel uninvolved in mutual discussion, which in turn would lower the productivity of Norris.

  1. Difference in individual style

In addition to this, the emergence of different style of working indicates that officer might not respond to or be able to cope with his work environment in the similar manner. By recruiting more diverse personal, there is a likelihood that these changes, along with the shift in philosophy towards greater society engagement, would impact the officers to select those positions that would align more with working style of individuals. The cultural clash has high potential negatively affects the abilities of Norris.

Strategies to Improve Management and Leadership

There are variety of techniques and strategies that can be used to improve the management and leadership. The most widely used strategy is to train and educate the future leader. It is significantly important to revise the procedures and policies for police organization. Also, the procedures and policies need to be updated on regular basis for the purpose of guiding officers in right direction.

In addition to this, the change should be focused on providing alternatives and more knowledge to the officers in order to help them in making better decisions. Also, the values of the officers should be focused so that their decision should most likely relate to the expectations of the public and the police department. Also, the organization must need to implement the participatory management change as a part of the organization before proceeding to the department as a whole, decentralize department and recruit highly educated staff who would to be supportive to organizational change.

In addition to some training programs, feed backs are necessary to be taken about from whom who had received training. Regular feed backs from upper class and lower class officers and subordinates enable the department to shortlist procedures and policies by the elimination of those policies which are not adding value to accomplish departmental goals and objectives. Nature of feed backs should be formal and informal both. Informal feedback is more accurate as compared to formal one because it can be taken at any time during the period while formal feedback has a systematic way to be collected that requires time to be done. Feed backs help to identify some problematic areas that will enable the department to assess it in better way in order to help the department improve.

Moreover, for internal support purpose, high rank officers should start performance evaluation programs by assessing and deportment performance review analysis. There must be some awards on best performance that would help to decrease the crime rate in the state. Apart of it, empowering officers and subordinates will help the department to develop future leaders for police department by improving their leadership skills and ability to manage workforce practices that would sharpen the minds of officers and subordinates and help them to think out of the box for solving critical cases……..


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