Eden McCallum: Network-Based Consulting Firm (A) Case Solution

Eden McCallum pioneered the model (“virtual”) of the network consulting company in the UK. Contracting independent function of each project stays cool consultants lean and Eden McCallum costs are a fraction of the rate of large firms. Its flexible design and low cost has attracted customers from leading companies, leading to a sustained double-digit growth for the first nine years. In January 2009, however, the global economic crisis has significantly changed the competitive landscape and the founders must choose between continuing its strategy of strong growth compared downsizing – including reducing costs and take its first international expansion that had begun the previous year. This case study examines how the elements of the innovation model of an enterprise are mutually reinforcing and what happens when the environment changes.
Heidi K. Gardner,
Robert G. Eccles
Source: Harvard Business School
15 pages.
Release: September 30, 2009. Prod #: 410056-PDF-ENG
Eden McCallum: A consulting firm based network solution (A) Case

Eden McCallum: Network-Based Consulting Firm (A) Case Solution
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