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Jean-Philippe ; Deschamps, Michèle, Barnett Berg

They were critical for EDAP to reach its objective of reaching United States FDA approval, a basic condition for the business’s development in the world’s biggest prostate cancer market. Within the previous years, EDAP had actually made substantial development in recording the interest from the urological medical neighborhood and enhancing the number of websites utilizing its innovation and of clients dealt with adequately.

Market penetration for HIFU still dealt with particular problems: Its status as a speculative therapy, hesitation of urologists to embrace a brand-new innovation over surgical treatment, competitors from other innovations and treatment methods, conservative mindsets from the health repayment firms, and EDAP’s significant resource restrictions.

In the brief to medium term, the business required to picture innovative methods to speed up the adoption of its innovation in Neighboring and european markets. In the longer term, EDAP had to figure out the most preferable development course beyond its existing prostate cancer activities. Knowing goals: To consider and analyze how a business gears their efforts to get a brand-new medical innovation welcomed prior to it is a requirement of care.

Subjects: Medical technology; Prostate cancer; Alternative therapies; HIFU; Medical device; Standard of care; Research and Development; Clinical trials; R&D
Settings: Medical device; Worldwide; 2007 revenues of € 22 million; Medical technology; 2000-2008

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