(B) Pre-Emptive First Mover strategy- Gillette &Bic

Under the pre-emptive First Mover strategy there are certain elements that a company can use to counter the competition. As said “The best offense is a good defense”. In past and recently many companies have used such strategy to maintain their position in the market. Among them Gillette and Bic the razor making companies entered the market.Gillette had been the first mover in making razors while Bic followed it lately and offered the same product. Gillette used the Pre-emptive Blocking strategy in which it launched the disposable razors prior to Bic.Approximately a year, the time it tookBic to stabilize itself in the razor industry and thus lost the competition.Here Gillette used the Blocking strategy as an advantage of the first mover. Being the first mover, it has the time, market knowledge, expertise and technology to develop a counteroffering that wiped the competition Bicaway from the industry while sustaining its position as the market leader.Gillette has been successful in implementing the Blocking pre-emptive strategybecause of its expertise and position in the market. It had the prior knowledge of what next the customer would demand and thus developed a new product in a short-time. Expertiseandknowledge of the markets helps the players to develop, re-amend or re-strategize the business offering without hurting OR minimizing the market share.

However, sometimes, the second mover receives more advantage than thefirst. Take the example of Apple. Apple introduced the first evertouch phone, with its unique offerings that were exclusive. Thestrategy of exclusivity offered great advantage to apple, until Samsungjumped into the same sea by offering a betterproduct.Samsung watched how apple acquired the market and then analyzed where the gap lies in the market. After waiting for a long time, it developed its smartphone which comprised the offering of the Apple (features) and accumulation of latest technology at cheap rates which disturbed the market share of Apple. Samsunghas been successful because it analyzed the moves ofapple and took the advantage of already built demand in the market for smart phones.Samsungexploited the demand by setting the game ahead. It made smartphones common, cheaper while maintaining the benchmark of features offered by Apple.Example same capacity Rom, android software, camera andplay store.

8(A) Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is a process of pushing and delivering the message in right context.Strategic communication means communicating in the right direction, with the right message and right tone and most importantly through the right channel. Thedifference between a normal communication and strategiccommunication is that the strategic communication ensures the message delivered is of right essence for the audience and that it offers value, and right stuff which could be used to achieve the underlying goals for which theeventof strategic communication took place.

The deadlock is presented sometimes in the process of communication when the sender and the receiverdoesn’t understand the actual crux of the strategiccommunication.There are numerous reasons which plays part in shaping the message, yet the most eminent are the medium used forcommunication, the tone of the message and most importantly the pre-build context of message…………..

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