Ebulli: The Taste Of Innovation Case Case Solution & Answer

Ebulli: The Taste Of Innovation Case Study Solution

What was the best restaurant you ever went to? Why was it the best?

I went to Japanese restaurant – Benihana, which has developed the subsidiary brand portfolio. Benihana is one of the leading provider of the excellent customer services and quality products. Benihana has also prided itself on offering quality food to its customers. Significantly, what makes the restaurant best is that the environment is soothing and welcoming, & the customers are served with high quality and fresh food in a low stress work environment.

Benihana is an increasingly reputable brand, with wider target market and high brand loyalty and value.It is engaged in quick customer services as well as hygienic preparation of food.There is a significant food storage and virtually no food waste. Overall, what appealed me were the decorative lights, artifacts, beams, ceilings and walls of Benihana, which were all from Japan.

What factors made elBulli the best restaurant in the world? Which elements of the elBulli experience create value for customers?

elBulli is recognized as a highly differentiated restaurant due to the team and chef’s emphasis on gastronomic activity and innovation. One of the considerable factor is the visionary and effective leadership of Ferran Adria, who stresses over the significance of creating new and unexpected recipes to delight the customers. Another factor is the gain of knowledge concerning the new equipment and technology. elBulli elevated the experience of dinning to the new level. The location of the restaurant is breathtaking and amazing for all the guests. For 6 months during winter and for the economic reasoning at the start; it is decided by Ferran and his team to close the restaurant and use this time effectively to make new dishes. Additionally, the restaurant does 5000 experiments in order to come up with 125 new dishes every year.(Solano, 2014). The new dishes are served to the customers, whose observations and reactions are documented to make the dish perfect.(WILLIAMS, 2012).

Also, the restaurant has been awarded 3-Michelin stars, and ithas 2 million reservation request rate per year, yet it serves only 8000 customers to make each customer’s experience satisfying and highly sustainable. Another factor that made elBulli the best restaurant in the world, is two operational modes, including: production mode and creative mode.Furthermore, the 60-person staff for just 50 per evening contributes to the positive customer feedback and customer satisfaction. The recipes are hard to imitate by the market rivals, and elBulli convinces with the new way of creativity, which in turn delights and surprises the customers to a  greater extent.(Conde, 2017). Moreover, the customers are accompanied by the friendly and well trained staff, which does not only serve them but explain the dish to them and provide consuminginstructions. The staff of the restaurant bears the responsibility of offering the food to the customers, with their expertise. They are well-trained, with high etiquettes, communication and serving skills. The creative team comprises of 8-9 creative minds, which are engaged in researching the emotions in the food chemistry. The purpose of implementing creative team was to make ideas flow. Thus, the determination of Adria to provide a one of a kind, probably once in lifetime experience; the aforementioned facts makes elBulli stand out among its market rivals, thus providing it a higher competitive edge.

How would you describe the creative process at elBulli?

It is pertinent to note that creativity is defined as the competency to produce work that is both appropriate and unique (unexpected). The creativity as well as innovation are the cornerstone of elBulli’s continued success. The relentless search of Adria for the revolutionary dishes and his major emphasis on the first equipment has provided an immense success to the restaurant, as Adria stresses over the significance of the phrase “create is not to copy” multiple times.. Consequently, in order to make sure that the dishes cooked at elBulli are novel; the inspection wasimplemented about the recipe’s novelty at the concept stage of process of creating recipe.

Since the creative idea for preparing the molecular gastronomy was not new; elBulli has established a development team, which engages in assessing the whole process of recipe. Along with this, the whole R&D team was developed and provided with an access to facility which provides tools and equipment to them which are required in recipe creating process. Some of the main approaches of the creativity concept at elBulli, includes: the sixth sense, deconstruction, adaptation, minimalism, and new way of serving food, new techniques and products. Additionally, the core salient features of the creative process, includes:the culture of innovation, the team work, seeking new and different ideas from audience to improve the concept, acquiring inspiration throughout the worldand passionate and competent staff to bring new ideas……………………………


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