East Solutions: Transforming a BPO Provider in India Case Solution

Solutions East was a successful business process outsourcing (BPO) headquartered in Bangalore, India. Although wages of Indian professionals were about half those of their counterparts in the United States, the Middle Governing Body Solutions has been a disturbing trend: if wages in India are growing at a rapid pace, soon erode the cost advantage to send the work to India and potentially jeopardize the entire BPO industry in India. As a solution, the solutions leverage this technology replacement, industry experience and the process of forming a partnership with our clients based on value added, in addition to the cost savings. This plan should redirect Solutions eastward into fewer geographic and industry groups. The role of the IT managers of the company, which requires thorough training, additional resources and a new compensation strategy are also transformed. In an average year, the new compensation increased revenue CIOs 4 percent, so it is expected to be popular, but IT managers rejected the new compensation plan which was abandoned after 18 months. The Executive Officer (CEO) Chief in charge of the new plan for the solutions of the East was not sure what had gone wrong.
Scott Walsworth
Source: Ivey Publishing
8 pages.
Release: May 2, 2013. Prod #: W13172-PDF-ENG
Solutions East: Transforming a BPO provider in India for a solution

East Solutions: Transforming a BPO Provider in India Case Solution
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