Downtown East, Singapore Case Solution & Answer

Downtown East, Singapore Case Solution 

Executive Summary

The Project is based on the refurbishment of the Singaporean Downtown East’s 5-years’ 200 million dollars project, which demands the identification of the likely key issues and challenges that must be derived by the refurbishment technologies, which are based on the portfolio. The refurbishment technologies are scaffolding, underpinning, shoring, and thermal insulators.

Facilities in the eastern urban area will remain open during the five-year renovation period. The NTUC club, which manages PasirRis station, provided this at its opening ceremony. The event was attended by NTUC Club. The eastern district is undergoing a $ 200 million renovation project. Offering accommodation in the eastern part of the city, Costa Sands Resort is expanding with 400 rooms and the Wild Wild-wet water park area will double to 4 hectares. Conference and exhibition facilities will also be improved. New shops and restaurants will also be added to the renovated district.

The proposed procurement and construction method for the Downtown East Project involves the usage of traditional or general contracting. In general contracting, the design is provided by the client and the contractor has to build the project as per the given requirements by the client.

To keep the environment protected from the emissions or substances leading to pollutions; the company aims to refurbish the Downtown by using different renewable and low carbon technologies. The main aim of using low carbon and renewable technologies in the refurbishment project is to optimize the usage, size, and structure of the material used in the project refurbishment.

  1. Introduction:

The following report is based on the “Downtown East” site refurbishment project. Downtown East is located in PasirRis, Singapore, between PasirRis Drive 3 and Park.The purpose of refurbishing Downtown East is to expand Wild Wild-wet(WWW) theme park, nature-inspired D’Resort,and to include retail, dining, and entertainment options. Downtown East aims to become Singapore’s best entertainment, holiday, and lifestyle hub by refurbishing its site and bringing fun-filled facilities to youths and their families.

Table 1 below shows the duration, cost, and stakeholders of this refurbishment project.

Duration of Refurbishment  5 Years
Total Cost S$200 Million
Major Stakeholders Name Role
NTUC Club Developer / Client
DP Architects Pte Ltd Architects
Vigcon Construction Pte Ltd Main Contractor

Table 1: Duration, Cost, and Stakeholders of the Downtown east refurbishment process

  1. Refurbishment Plan:

The scope of the Downtown East refurbishment plan is to expand WWW and D Resort. This project will be completed in two phases. Wild Wild-wet (WWW) water park will double in size i.e. it will be expanded from 2 hectares to 4 hectares and will include 7 new rides to increase the number of fun-filled activities.D’Resort will be upgraded and turned into Singapore’s first nature-inspired resort that is open for accommodation. It will be expanded to a total of 400 rooms in a 6 story block. 3 clusters of chalets will be included and over 110 retail, dining and entertainment options to be included at the Market Square of Downtown East.

During the whole refurbishment process, Downtown East will continue to provide its facilities to the customers.

  • Renovation Phases:

Duration of Downtown East renovation phase 1 is from 2013 to 2015 (S$90 Million). Phase 1 of the renovation project will include:

  • New Costa sands resort construction, covering the space used by the Escape theme park in the past
  • 400 resort rooms
    • 72 rooms to be completed by 2013
    • 328 rooms to be completed by 2014
  • Double the size of the WWW Water theme park. Expanding it from 2 to 4 hectares

Duration of Downtown East renovation phase 2 is from July 2015 to November 2018. Phase 2 of the renovation project will consist of:

  • Construction of new convention and meeting facilities
  • Addition of a multi-purpose hall with 3,000 capacity
  • Addition of an amphitheater with 1,000 capacity
  1. Challenges and Key Issues:

Different issues can arise during the renovation of Downtown East. It is important to plan carefully how those challenges will be catered since Downtown East will be open to the public during refurbishment. The safety of the public is the priority. Key issues that Downtown East can face during renovation phases are:

  • Health and safety issues of construction workers
  • Health and safety issues of public
  • Demolition waste (Destruction waste)
  • Asbestos waste
  • Managing disruption to our neighbors, since Downtime East is located in a busy neighborhood
  • The inaccuracy of building structures
  • Labor shortage. What if any labor quits due to any uncertain reason, resulting in a delay of renovation plan?
  • What will be the impact of the construction work on staff during 2015-2018?

To avoid demolition and asbestos waste a proper waste management plan should be designed. A noise meter should be installed at the construction site to ensure noise at the construction site does not exceed the defined limits and cause disturbance to the neighbors. Inaccuracies in the building structure or any form of uncertainty must be taken care of immediately.Any sort of change in design due to site constraints must be highlighted immediately to avoid delays.Frequent site surveys should be planned. Any material that is to be used during construction should be studied beforehand. Health and safety plan should be designed and put in place to avoid any sort of incidents to construction workers or the public.The safety of individuals should be the primary goal.

  1. Refurbishment Technologies:

Scaffold, thermal insulation technology, and underpinning technology are proposed to be used during the construction and renovation of Downtown East.

  • Scaffolding: It will support the working platform for laborers / different construction workers while they perform their duties. It will prove to be useful during brick-layering, plastering, and painting the new building in Downtown East. Scaffolding will help workers balance themselves on high building with safety.
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