Dove Evolution of A Brand Case Solution & Answer

Dove Evolution of A Brand Case Study Solution


The case study is based on Unilever branding strategy, which has changed after the year 2000. The company has worked with a number of brands, in different geographical regions. The company has realized that due to its decentralized operation; this strategy has become its random image. The company has decided to reduce the number of brands and choose certain brands as its main brand. The case is shaped by the circumstances in which this strategic change affects the position of the most famous Unilever brand: “Dove.” This case and its issues address the impact of this strategic change and the risks or benefits that this development may pose to the business.(Deighton, 2008).

Since 2007, Dove has established a leading position in the market. With 2.5 billion dollars in annual sales; Dove has proven to be a distinctive and strong brand for Unilever. Dove was originally called a cleansing brand, which offered a variety of products, including: facials, shower gels, hair scents, hair products and antiperspirant fragrances. The report presents an analysis of the situation in the case study, and highlights the main issues mentioned in the case study. The report analyzes the main issues related to the case study.

Dove was originally a beauty stick that was launched in the US market, in the year 1957. When it first entered the US market; the brand was placed as a skin cleaner rather than a soap. In all the advertisements of the brand; it claims that women should use Dove, because it does not contain harmful soap ingredients that tend to dry out the skin. The functional features of the brand are offered primarily by the brand itself, saying that a quarter of the entire strip is a cleansing cream.

Later, the management of the Dove brand realized that the business needed to grow, so they should not just talk about the functional aspects of the brand. In order to expand its reach and to develop it in a sustainable way; the brand felt the need to connect with feminine aspects in order to build a close relationship with women, and the global brand launched the Real Beauty campaign. The brand aims to create a unique statement in women hearts that beauty is inherent and that self-esteem in itself is a key factor in discovering the feminine beauty.

Dove Evolution for Fewer Brands

The company brand portfolio grew by a fortune style. The company strives to do business in every product category and in every geographical region. This large-scale expansion has led the company towards inconsistent branding. The company has also pursued decentralized management globally, in order to increase its diversity, but diversity also brings cultural differences that need to be incorporated into the brand marketing strategy. Unilever could not develop a comprehensive brand name. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the number of brands by selecting a main brand and developing a global vision, to give a unified image to the company, globally…………………………….


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