Disaster and Disaster Management Case Solution

Development and its implication

The terms disaster and development are contradictory to one another but they are needed to place along each other. Due to the disaster,the development progress of an economy is affected negatively. Making development plan for the recovery before the disaster reduces damages to the nation. The development programs include implementation of the policies that safe lives and properties in emergency through risk reduction policies. Similarly, regulation toward benchmarks, industrial emission and land use will make minimum loss of environment and lives. However, training for the hazards and awareness of the suitable remedies among people leads people towardsimplementing development projects. These general projects include:

2.1 Transforming disaster risk management into development

The process of converting disaster risk management into developing process is necessary to implement throughout the country. The government and its all departments usually set up the plans after disaster recovery plans. Thus, it hasbeen implemented through the consensus of stakeholders and Government to get prepared before the disasters.

2.2 Identification and assessment of disaster

It has been seen that natural disasters are less likely to be treated rather than other disasters including technological, biological and industrial. For reducing risk disasters focusing on the system that identifies, assess and monitorsdisaster through its way is a step toward implementing and developing for the risk and damages, associated to disaster. Such a system is regularly updated, tracks the hazards, monitors, documents and develops road map towards possible treatments can be made.

Moreover, if an economy does not have such resources to assess the risk disaster through tools like Milawi, then it can draw assessment vulnerability.

2.3 Warning system

A system of early warning that includes information generated by the disaster assessment reduces the damages of the country. It alarms people before the threat that allows them to get mentally prepared thus, such assessment reduces vulnerability. Participation of communities, individuals and organizations to such information system leads towards timely preparation. This reduces the vulnerability of the nation that leads towards safety of livelihood and only environmental and property damage occurs.

2.4 Encourage interventions for resilience

People get informed for the possible risk through information system alert. Hence, they need to get prepared for the majors that can be taken. Awareness should be created through education, knowledge and innovation bring contribution to the mind of people. People’s response towards the disaster plans creates culture of resilience to cope up with disaster.

1.5 Minimizing risk at all levels

Other than human life, suitable measures prevent building, infrastructure, environment and nature. With the cooperation of Government, communities, individuals and organizations such budgets are allocated for the safety of buildings, fundamental support to infrastructure development and for the environment and nature safety are planned and implemented.

2.6 Responsiveness to the plan

In such a state it is the responsibility of the communities and organizations to support Government’s planning. Thus, it is totally dependent on stakeholders and communities to be responsive and prepared for the plans arranged by the Government. Ruling contingency plans, supporting funds set by the Government for disaster plans anddeveloping risk management system are the preparations to the disaster management.

According to Smith (2001), disaster management is categorized into two parts. One is pre disaster protection and the other is post disaster protection. From the assessment of disaster, the mitigation to preparing for pre disaster prevention majors are used that involve proper documentation estimation of expected loss. Such planning includes insurance, engineering structure construction and land use and numerous other measures that are fruitful for the mitigation in long terms. Being prepared involves being aware for the disaster immediately as soon the disaster takes place,emergency training, warning for danger and evacuation procedure having disaster stroked…………………….

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