Digital Transformation at STC Company Case Solution & Answer

Digital Transformation at STC Company Case Solution 


STC Company is one of the leading and valuable Saudi Arabia-based digital company, which has been offering a wide range of services to its customers,including:fintech& computer networks, entertainment, enterprise digital solutions, mobile, landline, internet services and telecommunication services. The company prides itself for being the pioneer digital champion which always focuses on evolution and innovation, in order to stay ahead as a truly purposeful and meaningful organization. The company provides a variety of digital services and ICT solutions in several categories, including:cyber security, digital media, financial technology, IT, telecommunication&other advanced digital solutions. In Saudi Arabia, the largest modern mobile network is operated by STC Company in the Middle East, covering more than 99% of the populated areas of the country in addition to providing 4G mobile broadband to approximately 85% of population across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Biggest roadblock in customer journey

One of the biggest roadblock in the customer journey is find what is in the mind of customer and disrupt that the buying journey of customer is costing company’s revenue lead generation. Due to the prediction that almost every citizen in Saudi Arabia would be connected to the internet by 2030; SCT Company is concerned about undertaking the digital transformation in order to improve the customers’ experience, drive long-term profitability and enhance the customer-satisfaction to retain them in the competitive and challenging market.

Why this is a concern

Digital transformation evolution

Being the first digital enabler the decision of undertaking the digital transformation would serve as a basis to support its customer first vision.

Increased adoption of data analytics and big data techniques

The telecom industry of Saudi Arabia is in the midst of the seismic shift with additional smartphone users, market deregulation and growing consumer expectations, thus the adoption of data analytics and big data techniques help companies improve the overall value of the business in regard to revenue, customer satisfaction and service optimization.

Need to be responsive to the customer’ request

In addition to this, it tend to support the information sharing, exploits to be more responsive to the customer’ request as well as anticipate them through advanced analytics models and creating flexible & responsive process of production through focusing on what is critical for the customers, promote open & collaborative environment by knowledge management practices.

Requirement to optimize the process landscape and internal system

Put simply, the digitalization is the cornerstone of the overall business growth and sustainability while putting a focus on lowering cost by optimizing the process landscape and internal system (Newman, 2017)……………..

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