Digital Transformation Case Solution & Answer

Digital Transformation Case Solution


It requires more funds and it would be more expensive as compared to traditional marketing campaign as well as it may require over killing some own marketing objectives. It requires skilled resources in order to manage the multiple marketing and communications channels with greater planning of launching a new project and it would be very difficult for company to measure the end results.

Alternative 2: To have another digital group work:


Another option would be to have another digital group to work with Public is business units. While other organizations stay independent, Publics gathering will have the capacity to precede with their task with VivaKi yet still have a place to go when they require difficult work to be done. The digital system will turn it into a device which can be acquired at whatever time required. This methodology will also keep limits inside the effectively existing groups by permitting every group to maintain their own projects.


The work society would be terrible if the company would not follow the HR policies such as each individual would have differences of opinion that may cause governmental issues especially with the old worker and there would be no growth for the newly hired employee. It may also cause unprofessionalism and improvement in unhygienic work conditions.Moreover, it may result in loss of resources and increase in conflicts.

Recommended solution:

The company should go for alternative one that is to merge and integrate with all marketing and communication business as the company is one of the top leading companies and it has more contacts which would help in acquiring other marketing businesses. Along with this, despite the declining income of the whole industry, the company ranked fourth, which shows the ability of the company to raise the funds internally or externally for successful integration.

Justification and support:

It is observed in the case that the important way for the company in order to be successful in the interest of customers and its clients includes putting the assets or resources and the brains together. David clearly knows the digital world personally and in all viewpoints he determined that it would be valuable for the company to work together as a team in order to get success in the new project.

This alternative would help to gain the leading position in the digital world as this style of promoting is turning out to be increasingly critical in light of the fact that media gap and presentation have started to pacify customers. Consistently, they are affected with such a flow of ads to the point that the most incorporated and consistent brands emerge as more recognized.

As organizations develop, they have to constantly attract the best talent available. Communication systems are utilized to show potential personnel that the organization has a decent work environment. Business inventions have yearly awards or arrangements of the best organizations to work for. The marketing and communication role would ensure that the organization is considering implementing the incentives.

Most importantly, this alternative would help to achieve the objectives as the number of missed targets would reduce and it would attract a great number of skilled and talented employees ad it would decrease the turnover rates.

As the industry rises out of recession, the companies plan to exploit attractive resource values and to catch the advantages by continuously acquiring and integrating in the same industry.However, they should act with judgment and cleverness. Winners in this diversion will convey a custom fitted way to deal with amalgamation, modifying their way to deal with the planned proposal with focus continually set on the basic sources of risks and value generation…………….

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