Digital Marketing At Hbs Online Case Solution & Answer

Digital Marketing At Hbs Online Case Solution

Q: 4

It is always difficult for an organization to secure new leads and clients. Organizations utilize their assets to reach new clients consistently. To realize the achievement level of promoting procedures and missions, we want to look into customer acquisition costs. Paid media through advanced showcasing channels represents 34% of traffic to HBS online webpage. (see exhibit 1a) . One strategy that was lacking in the enrollment category was its marketing. Marketing is an important part of enrollment, it accelerates growth and improves effectiveness. Mohsen needs to look into different marketing courses to overcome these issues.Mohsen can improve the enrollment and customer acquisition cost through other simple strategies: (pawels, 2016)

  1. Prioritize the Right audience:It is important to implement marketing strategies and target the right audience. It is important to focus on the right customers and tell them about your content in the best possible way.
  2. Retarget Customers: retargeting the customers can help the companies to gain and build trust in front of new customers.
  3. Improve customer retention:Organizations can bring down their client procurement costs by expanding their existing client rate, buy frequencies, and normal request esteems. Use techniques like client feedback rates, add devotion projects and add education programs. On top of this, watch out for your agitate rates.
  4. Improve the sales funnel: Sales funnel is the essential element in reducing the cost acquisition process. It is very important to examine and prioritize the sales funnel effectively. Sales Funnel consists of 6 stages (see exhibit 1b)

In our current reality where the outcomes you can accomplish with natural computerized showcasing are beginning to blur, having a profoundly viable paid media methodology is pivotal for IT specialists. Mohsen can increase the effectiveness of paid media by implementing certain strategies such as testing out different channels, trying out different Ads, and updating them in a timely. Another strategy that might help is to never be afraid of experimenting with different ads ad channels and by improving the marketing content.

Q: 5

Beyond paid media, other promising strategies shows effective results in accelerating growth:

  1. Short-form Content:

There is an increasing demand for short-structure content as HBS courses required over 30 hours to finish. The advantages of short-structure content are tremendous as this content doesn’t request as much time or consideration: Audiences need their responses rapidly and short-structure content is an extraordinary method for conveying an idea briefly. Mohsen and spar realized the increasing demand for short-form content and know that it would require different strategies to imply and monetize.

  1. Learning Tracks:

Another way of accelerating growth is by bundling the existing courses in different learning tracks. It will also help in creating the week programs which plays a significant role in increasing the growth.

 Q: 6

Investing in short-term content and learning tracks may accelerate the growth of HBS online, but in another way, it also dilutes the brand. If we see more broadly, it is quite the act of selfishness’s to restraint the growth of the platform due to its physical space.  So, in my opinion, I would invest in short-term content and learning tracks to increase the growth of the program so that the majority of people can be able to learn and qualify through it. The future of the HBS online program is not yet clear, but it will need to evolve and stay relevant in a changing environment. As the cost of education continues to rise, HBS must look at new business models that make the program more affordable and accessible. A key part of the future of the program is to engage with the unemployed. According to the International Labor Organization, 190 million people are unemployed worldwide, and many of them need employment. With a good HBS online program, this sector could be a major contributor and a potential long-term user of the platform.

The future of the HBS online program depends on the number of applicants. Currently, the enrollment is limited at 10% per year. By increasing the number of applicants; the school will be able to attract both full-time students and those who are interested in a part-time MBA. The program will focus on immediate transferable skills and self-discovery, while leveraging the global nature of the university. There are some challenges for the future, though.

Q: 8

            To accelerate the growth of the HBS online through different other programs such as short-form content and learning tracks, the brand may seem to dilute. Brand dilution isn’t the only option to stop providing people with an online educational platform. There are several concerns regarding these issues that HBS might terminate these courses and overcome brand dilution.

In my opinion, HBS needs to look after its space and work on it so that the brand might not dilute. It is very important to work on the factors that may resolve these issues and fulfill the people’s needs. Also, developing efficient strategies may help overcome these issues and broaden the HBS space so that a lot of people can fulfill their dreams.Only in this way, HBS online best fulfill the mission of the school.

Q: 8

In 2014, Harvard Business School reported the launch of HBS Online, an online learning platform devoted to teaching pioneers who make a tremendous difference in the world.

In mid-2019 HBS broaden the scope of its projects.

HBS Online portfolio has since developed to include 12 courses, with two dispatching recently. It also develops other different demanding projects such as short-form content and different learning tracks, which not only accelerate the growth of the platform but also provide the opportunity for the people willing to learn from HBS online for long and broaden its aspects.

The lesson it would give for the people starting to initiate their digital platform is that first believe that nothing is impracticable. It is important to set a defined goal and work through it. Another important lesson that it provides is to start with the norms and increase the strategies with time, such as starting your platform with the basic qualitative courses, engaging and making customers through potential marketing strategies, and then broadening your platform. Once you gain your customer’s trust, nothing can let you down. Only through consistent hard work and quality product; one can expand his or her platform……………………….

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