Difference of strategies between Facebook and Tencent Case Solution & Answer

Difference of strategies between Facebook and Tencent Case Solution

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

1.1.Motivation or objectives

The objectives of the report are listed below;

  • To investigate why Facebook and Tencent used different strategies despite operating in the social networking industry.
  • The other objective is to study these two companies and find that which one is more successful and why it is more famous in market.
  • What are the main points that are used by successful business model and then make improvement in the less-well performed business model.


Facebook was established by a well-known entrepreneur Mark Elliot Beiderbecke born in 1984, he was from Harvard University. He established many other internet apps and websites but he is famous for his masterpiece achievements that is Facebook, A name that the whole world is using like their life depends on this domain. As, all the Facebook activities are all addicted full commenting, poking, interactions with other people, liking, watching other people’s business, messaging and calling all the stuff was created by the mind that knows how to play with human mind, from all these past strategies that was created back then 2003 were really outclass, and the work that is impossible for any other ordinary person of that time, this the revealed background of Facebook by his owner, his partners and core workers of that company.

Tencent was created by Pony Ma, He was a Chinese entrepreneur, he was already famous for his achievements in telecommunication and video games production companies but he was worldwide recognized by his achievement of making the brand ten cent. Ten cent is one of the best internet service providing companies that first got the fame in Asia and then in all over the world. Ten cent created several extensions in which we chat and QQ were the finest names. These both were the domains that were created in Asia and now are the fastest and most addictive internet services that are used by Asia and now all over the world. We chat is the most successful extension that was created out by ten cent itself, and got more fame than any other app.


  1. The first finding includes the study of modification in business model framework for case company analysis.Major components of new framework are based on Osterwalder’s (2002) 4 pillars ontology which are production, customer relationship, infrastructure, management innovation& financial aspects.
  2. Second is the examination of Tencent business model and we have find out the main strength of its services. The most important point is integrated business model of Tencent’s that provides comprehensive services that cover users’ requirement.
  3. Third is to study the business models of Facebook and Tan cent. Customer relationship, Technologies, Infrastructure management, Product innovation, Market considerations, Financial and regulations of every company have been elaborated.


In this generation there’s so much rapid growth on digital platforms, the vibes I get from the digital world in 2025 is probably like, it will be more beneficial in terms of fame, money and any kind of startup that young individuals are trying for in any other field other than this field. Social media has made a huge impact on our lives. The way social platforms are growing so rapidly these days, it will surely do more big things in future. What I feel is that the digital world will be more informative and entertaining in 2025 or will be equal as compared to any other platform that is not a technology based platform.

Chapter 2. Background

2.1. Why are you doing this project

The purpose is to study the business models of both businesses and to find out the best performing one, to gain insights from successful company. The study includes the main purpose to complete our research. That is the empirical study of companies to examine their business models. By the comparison of business models and company performance, Tencent is considered as the best performed company. Also there’s need to find out what improvements should we do for developing Facebook business models.

2.2. Why is it important

This is very important to know the gaps between both of the business plans so then we can find out the one that have need of improvements. It’s a best way of analyzing any business regarding to its current position in the market.

Tencent is a user-oriented company. Its brilliant human capitals and partnerships with global business parties enable Tencent to deliver its one-stop services through multi-platforms to Chinese citizens. Under the protection of legal regulations and good technology base, it creates a trusted network environment to users. Although Tencent faces tough competition in current market, it still achieves excellent financial returns mostly from its IVAS and WVAS services.

Facebook wanted to work on the development in order to provide different social networking functions. To deliver good value to users through multi-platform, Facebook cooperates by third party application developers and others parties to improve the contents and features of the platform.

Chapter 3. Company Description

3.1. Why you choose these markets or firms

As because these are very famous in the current age, due to this we wanted to take a deep look on the infrastructure of these market. Facebook, Instagram and Whats-app has been used by millions of people. If you take a look at the statistics of Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be able to see how many people use these services and how many people use them on a daily basis.It seems that more people are now using their mobile device, such as their smartphone, to access these online networks. It’s easy to understand why – with the internet being more readily available in the home, people are having a much greater chance of interacting with other people online through the use of their phone.

We noticed a large spike in the number of people who were talking about public opinion about Tencent WeChat and QQ on social media websites like Facebook. And we are not just talking about these two very popular Chinese instant messaging services; we’re also talking about a lot of internet users in China who share the same interest as we do – we are talking about the huge surge in interest of people from all over the world to start interacting with one another on these two chat platforms……………………

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