Design Creates Fortune: 2000 Tower Oakes Boulevard Case Solution

A real estate developer assesses its ability to realize the benefits of investing in LEED Platinum Vedic design, and Energy Star components in new buildings. The building at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard, Rockville, Maryland is said to be the healthiest in the area of ​​the national capital building. What’s this? The developer can get higher rents because of it? The developer performs a detailed analysis of the costs and benefits of energy saving measures that overlap and reduce the accrued benefit analysis. They consider the impact of these measures, combined with the characteristics of Vedic design (aka Vastu) health, productivity and overall business success of building occupants. “Green leases” are treated as the developer tries to establish a leasing strategy that reflects these benefits and associated cost savings. The case has many deeper issues in the critical area involved in the development of innovative real estate look.
John D. Macomber,
James H. Griffin
Source: Harvard Business School
28 pages.
Date Posted: March 22, 2010. Prod #: 210070-PDF-ENG
Design Creates Fortune: 2000 Tower Boulevard Oakes Case Solution

Design Creates Fortune: 2000 Tower Oakes Boulevard Case Solution
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