• Project Management- Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resource Department

The human resources department is highly advanced which works closely with the businessstrategy of the company and maintains the pool of talent in order to reach the goals in particular time. Initially the company asked HR department to identify and make team of substantial candidates’ that could analyze and understand the need of the new software. The HR identified the key players and developed a team which constituted majorly technical people from Accounts andIT department with a mix of executives who have direct dealing with the clients. Theteam was made in a way to ensure the maximum benefit of the software in the company.

Business Development

The businessdevelopmentdepartment woks closely in the market to garb the new opportunities.Throughtheir insight the company identified the reservations of the clients and the usual customers about auditing and financialadvisory and thusopted for the project.

Accounts Department

The account department manages the clients’ accounts and analyze the performance of the receivable in terms of collection period. It also keep a close eye, on the performance of each cline with respect to balance sheet and income statementsand then informs the finance department about any kid of discrepancy and change in trend.


The IT department ensures that all thesoftware employed in the office are performingsmoothly. Also it main responsibility lies in integrating the system with other offices and managing the data effectively. Beforeimplement the Fresh books into the company,themanagementtookinsight and the opinion of the IT manger about the sense of the software and how the softer will make the lifeeasier for Accounts and Finance department.

  • The departments like Business development and Accounts seemed to be a very aggressive and happy about the projectsupported by financeandbillingdepartment who felt that by having an integrated accounting software it will be easy for them to analyze the cash flow and forecast more accurately on thesebasis. The accounts department supported the fact by depicting a graphical presentation which showed how an organizationswould save time, managereceivable and also the liens.The stance was supported by the Business development departments well, who have the firsthand knowledge of the market forces. The only department which hindered the implementation was marketingand operation department, whichfelt that the software is no better than the existingsoftwareandthat the budget the company would spent on employmentof the software could bring moreprofits to the company only if invested inmarketing. Thus a clash was etablsihed.IT departmentremain indifferent, because though it feltthatthe software is good, it doesn’tdepict any inclination towards it.

The differencesin education level and field also play a vital role in shaping the strategy for the business.It is because education in particular field makes individual see the business from the very same lens. This makes then believefirmly that the approach they have regarding any perspective is the most correct approachand that it can overshadow the implications that might take place due to such strategy.For example, marketingdepartment will take the move ineffective, as they believe hat increasing the rand image will increase the profit……………………….

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