Delman Forge Company Case Solution & Answer

Delman Forge Company  Case Solution

Decision making character

For decision making; I have chosen Richard’s characters to make decisions,because currently he is working as an assistant to the company’s CEO and now he has to manage the situation and compel Peter and other employees for co-operation. Richard is a very polite person and he is continuously requesting Mr. Peter about the operational and safety issues, but due to some lame reasons and excuses; Mr. Peter is always delaying the work. Mr. Peter’s negligent behavior towards addressing the issues is hurting the company’s overall business operations. Currently, the issue with Mr. Carteris lack of clear communication and accountability. As a leader, he need to communicate clearly with every person and hold those accountable who are assigned any major responsibility. Mr. Peter is responsible for maintenance issues,so he should be held accountable for not completing his assigned responsibility on time. So, as the representative; it is Richard’s time to prove himself and manage to get these metal baskets repaired on time.

Proposed Alternatives

There are few-alternatives available for Mr. Richard Carter to solve these issues in the company. The criteria to analyze these alternatives are efficacy, unity and alternatives. The alternatives are stated below:

  1. Richard should work on team building and problem solving.
  2. Richard should use open communication with Mr. Peter and other divisions’ heads.
  3. Peter should arrange training for the employees, to communicate the importance of synergy, effectiveness and development.

Alternatives Analysis

  Advantages Disadvantages
ALTERNATIVE 1 ·         This will help the employees to increase understanding among them.

·         It will reduce the level of stress for the employees

·         This will help the employees to increase their performance and productivity

·         It will promote unity among the employees

·         It is applicable for short time period.

·         It is a time consuming process and can incur cost to the company.

·         Few employees do not perform in groups.


ALTERNATIVE 2 ·         Open communication will allow the employees to share their experiences and improve creativity in the organization.

·         Open communication will allow Richard to eliminate the distance among divisions and openly discuss the main issues

·         Open communication will take less time rather than lengthy processes.

·         Open communication can sometimes be used for deception.

·         Open communication canincrease misunderstandings among the employees becausepeople perceive things based on their personal opinions and their way of translation is different.

ALTERNATIVE 3 ·         It will help Richard in communicating the importance of safety and cooperation

·         It will increase the job satisfactionand employee engagement in the company

·         Training session will improve the company’s retention rate

·         This will help the company in increasing the willingness of employees to participate in safety measures.

·         Training sessions is a costly process for the company

·         Any misleading information in training can negatively affect the overall employees’ behavior.



  1. To solve the issues in the company and to increase the willingness of people to participate and believe in themselves. This can be achieved by assigning the tasks and projects to the employees and giving rewards them on successfully completing their assigned tasks.
  2. The company should celebrate the success of employees, to make them feel important and valued in the organization
  3. To promote synergy and team work among employees; Richard should arrange trainings to communicate the importance of team work and the importance of efficiency in their performance.
  4. These training sessions will help the company in increasing the employee’s concerns for the company, and they will be willing to cooperate and work in teams.
  5. Richard should arrange training for maintenance department, to make them understand the importance of managing risks in the company and how an increased number of risks can affect the employees personally.
  6. To motivate the employees, Richard should assign assignments in groups to motivate them and encourage them through rewards and recognitions.
  7. Richard should use open communication with Peter and other divisions’ heads. Richard should patiently listen to the issues which Pater is facing and try to solve those issues, to smoothen the process for Mr. Peter………………………

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