Delman Forge Company Case Solution & Answer

Delman Forge Company Case Solution 


This case discusses the issues of being in an organization where other functional employees are not willing to co-operate due to the seniority issues and personal grudges. Richard Carter is the CEO’s son and the CEO has allowed him to have the authority and start working for the company. His father took this decision because Richard Carter has good knowledge of organizational systems and procedures. Richard was facing many issues in the company as the people were not cooperative and Peter’s attitude was resilient. Richard was continuously trying to work on the safety issues with Peter, as Peter was the team leader of maintenance department. Peter was always open to discussing the issues, but in the end, he always delayed all the work by making excuses at the very last moment.Recently, Richard Carter has noticed that the metal baskets were not in a good condition. The metal baskets were dented and cracked, which could harm people. Carter believed that the company needs to repair the metal baskets, but he was thinking that Peter would-listen to the concern about this situation and will delay the repairing process later as he always does. . These issues in the company were causing further efficiency issues, as Peter’s inconsistent behavior towards completing a task was affecting the company’s safety measures, which tends to affect the company’s overall business activities. The risks and uncertainties were increasing.

Company background

Delman Forge Companyis located in Pennsylvania.It consists of two factories, i.e. factory A and Factory B. Factory A is being used for fabrication, machining of forged steel parts and heat treatment. The company has a total of 500 employees working in its factory A. The other factory is located miles away from the factory A. Both the factories are independent but are controlled by the company’s top management. The Board of Directors have selected Mr. Mathew Carter as the company’s CEO,as he has been among the important leaders in the organization.

Problem Statement

Richard Carter is a young individual and is an intrinsically motivated person. When his Father Mathew Carter hired him without allocating any authority; he still worked hard on procedures and drew sensitive analysis reports for his father. During his initial days in the company; he closely observed the working conditions, at which time, he got chance to have very detailed knowledge regarding all the parts and procedures of the factory. After working as an assistant to the CEO; Carter has noticed that the metal baskets are damaged and dented, and it can be dangerous for the staff to use those dented baskets. Carter is trying to communicate this with Mr. Peter and wants to resolve this issue as soon as he can,but as he has previously analyzed that there is a lack of unity in the organization. People are not willing to co-operate for official projects. Employees are not willing to participate in the process and these matters were directly affecting the efficiency of the company’s operations. The incident of getting Safety devices in place was also a good example of hurting the operational efficiency and increasing the chances of uncertainties.These issues directly affect the overall business environment. Synergy is essential in an organization. Peter is not cooperating because he is a senior employee and it is the human nature that they cannot allow any younger person to supervise them, as they think being a senior employee; they are the one who should be giving orders or working closely with the CEO instead of any junior employee.

Now it is a challenge for Peter to manage these conflicts. If Carter manages to convince the employees and other managers for smooth co-operation process, then he would be considered as a competent leader. Now Carter can easily work on these issues and prove himself. His interpersonal skills are amazing and this is the reason why his father (Mathew Carter) chose Richard to represent him in the company. Richard Carter is an intrinsically motivated employee and his objective is to increase the operational efficiency and reduce the overall business’s uncertainties and risks. Because in long-run, these small negligence can cost the business a lot…………………….

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