2- Deloitte has been successful generally speaking, but why aren’t there more women at the top? What else should Jim Copeland and his team do to address this issue?

The company delliote and touché stated practicing women empowerment in 1993, before that, the whole system was subjected to male dominance and the deep stereotype role were assigned to the people according to the gender.Since, cook took initiative to reinforce the change the organization by developing different plans incorporating work-life baling, flexihours, and partnering policy yet there was a lot more has to be done in order to firmly hold the change in the organization.

Though the company put a lot of energy and effort in developing and sustaining thechange and that of maintaining a new culture which empowerswoman’s till very few women were seen on the top. The reason to such issue are discussed below.

  • Since the change was an internal element and that the externalenvironment where the company was operating still practiced the old structure, it became difficult to maintain a relation with the client with such policy. For example, Golf parties are supposed to be men parties traditionally and that women are not allowed in such parties. It is difficult to build relations with the clients due to such restrictions.
  • Many male of the office feels disregarded in disseminating the power to the females as theybelieve that women are lesscomponent and will leave the organization one they get partnered or prefer to work for limited working hours as compared to men, thus effecting the profitably of the company. In many offices of the delliotte & Touche, the change was not implemented effectively due to these strongstereotyping.
  • Manymembers in top management believedthat it is the client that feelsuncomfortabletalking or dealing with a women, thus the chances are, that the following trend might drove the clits away from the company. The type of stereotyping hindered the wayof many females to reach the top management post.
  • Although the organization, took great steps in inculcating change in the organization, yet the concept of “glass ceiling” still held the roots of the organization, which states that women are better at performing nurturing task and that they can’t take hard responsibilities like running the office or teams thus they shouldnot be at the top. The approach is so deeply immersed in the structure that it requiresample amount of time to accept the change. Andthus this is the reason of females not present at the top management.

In order to make the change effectively inculcate in the organization Jim must do the following things to make women the top management of the company.

  • First, Jim must make the women empowerment a part of the mission statement and should inculcate the equal opportunityclauseinitsvision. This will help people (the new and the old) that the change is permanent and that the policies and the structure will frame in pursuing the business strategy in long run. Theadvantage of the will be, people will takechangeseriously internally and also it willpropagate god reputation of the company in external market, attracting ,more competent talented femalesto work with Delloitte & Touche………………..

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