Delacroix Case Solution

1.     Response to Henry:

Customer research is important when the company is planning to expandglobally in order toknow what the audience is expecting from the show. Natalia’s point to become customer oriented is appropriate asDelacroix should start customer research if it wants to grow, however she should use light and limited surveys from the audience. Henry should also need to understand Natalia’s concern as she intends to achieve the vision of the board  therefore, she needs information about the customers. Natalia and Elizabeth should do few and low scale surveys to know the audience better. The scope of the research should be limited. Delacroix can still hold a creative dance troupe even by implementing a customer research. However, in order to maintain the balance in the organization even after implementing the customer research initiative, the management of the company should explain its employees about the need of the research. It should take its employees in confidence before taking this initiative. If the employees of the company are willing to bring the change in the organization,the nit is possible to retain the core employees of the organization.

2.     Design Thinking:

Design thinking is the action of developing something innovative, which can resolve the problems by design. Design thinking is a process of formulating strategy for innovation. Moreover,is the tactic used by designers to solve complex problems and to get the best solution for the customers. Design Thinking describes the logic, imagination, systemic reasoning, intuition and search possibilities in order to achieve the desired outcome which could benefit the customers. The Design Thinking Process is solution focused and action oriented rather a problem focused as well as it involves the use of deep analysis and imagination. The characteristic of Design Thinking Process is that it finds and presents the simple ways and solutions even in complex situations. The product that is formed from the process of design thinking is more efficient and much better in functionality as well as it improves the quality by creating elegant solutions. The Design Thinking process serves the need of people uniquely.(McAllister, 2015)

Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation:

When the design process is involved in the strategy and innovation, then the rate of success for a particular product is improve.In order to bring an effective change in the organization, design thinking should be incorporated effectively. Design can be a product, service, location and anything that can bring possible solution for customers. There are five steps in the Design Thinking Process;


It is the first step in the process of design thinking as well asit is associated with understanding. The company first understands the user for whom it is designing the product, which could be done through research, observation, interaction and knowledge. The company usually observes people by asking them relevant questions that how they behave and interact. This process also helps organizations to develop a sense of empathy (understanding). (Jim Ratcliffe, 2009)


Over here, the company usually focuses on becoming aware of customers’ needs to create insights. As a result, the company comes up with the idea that how to make a change that can solve the problems of customers.(Jim Ratcliffe, 2009)


In this process of design thinking, it requires looking at awide variety of possible solutions. This could be done by generating a variety of diverse possible solutions(Jim Ratcliffe, 2009). It allows one to go ahead from their thinking to develop an innovative concept.


This step requires transforming one’s idea into a physical product so that it can be used to identify its merit and demerits and to develop close understanding. Prototype is usually developed to physically interact with the product. A prototype of the product helps to examine the possible reaction of customers for a certain product………

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