Day Care in Public Housing Case Solution & Answer

 Day Care in Public Housing Case Solution


The report investigates the viability of the decision of opening the day-care center in the Alta Vista housing society. The project would help in improving the quality of lives of people who are the residents of the Alta Vista Community, as they would be provided with the jobs opportunities, child care and trading at reasonable cost. The employment opportunities and day care would substantially contribute to the lives of the families in Alta Vista. The report examines the benefits and drawbacks of the decision including cost-volume profit analysis,which in turn would help in deciding whether to continue the project depending on the long run benefit mutually beneficial for both Petersburg office and community.

Benefits of opening day-care center

There are various benefits of opening day-care center, such as: it would meet the critical needs of families in Alta Vista community, which is supported by the fact that the people are unable to raise their standards of living and pulling their families out of poverty because of a number of barriers, such as: affordable child care, job skills and lack of transportation. The significance of low-cost housing is aligned with the significant increase in the number of homeless families. The day-care would facilitate families in variety of ways, such as: it would provide high quality and year around child care facility. Also, not only the residents of Alta Vista would be able to obtain the benefits from day-care, but also the residents outside Alta Vista community would be facilitated by the services of the day-care.


One of the major benefit of opening the day-care center in Alta Vista Community is that it would provide safety, in-depth knowledge to the families regarding the services offered by the day-care based on what differentiates the normal services from the quality health care services, health and wellbeing to children and it would emphasize on achieving the outcomes through high quality educational program for children. The contribution of curriculum decision making is inevitable in development and learning outcomes of children, with regards to their connection with community and their identity in the society. The curriculum would consist of planned activities that would encourage language and cognitive development, develop social skills, promote appreciation for creative and appealing arts and foster the positive self-concept. The balance of outdoor and indoor games would help in improving the mental and physical health in children and shaping their personality while helping them in developing vital social skills.(Coleman, 2017).

Furthermore, the factors that drive the demand for development of child care, include: employment opportunities and training, which would be offered to the Aid to Dependent Children’s recipients. Under the Aid to Dependent Children program, the department of social service would be entitled to pay $80 to $85 / week for each child enrolled in day care. This would create the sense of building wealth and overcoming poverty. Petersburg office is seeking to open a day center with the intent of generating high amount of return, which would be used in development of community through program enhancement as well as tuition assistance for the students. Thus, the day care decision would provide opportunities to the children to reach their fullest developmental potential.

Uncertainties of opening day-care center

Opening a day care center is challenging and a difficult task to do, because the reputation of community greatly suffered during its decline, followed by the implications of criminal activities. The company would be facing a number of challenges in shape of inadequacies in funding requirements, unavailability of the resources, requirement of efficient utilization of resources and improving awareness of programs among low-wage workers,increasingly struggling to uplift their living standards because of an increased financial pressure, limited exposure to market opportunities and low level of education. Also, it would be difficult task to meet the different needs of child care, further added with the challenge to meet the needs of family, which would change on the basis of the number of children, preferences of parents and characteristics of children, such as: age, temperament, age and status of disability.

Moreover, focusing on providing quality care and safety to each child would be of paramount importance due to which the company would be liable to inspire confidence in the ability of providers of healthcare to contribute their fullest to overall success and growth of the program. The factors which would ensure the success of the program includes high wages to attract and retain competent staff, providing good working conditions, foster the culture of innovation& make the most of the employee’s ideas or opinions, and encourage friendly competition, ensure collaboration and communication.

In addition to this, the Alta Vista Garden has had its unexpected concerns stemming from drug related criminal activity and drug abuse, which could threaten the survival and sustainability of day care in long run.  Another reasons that could be included is that it would be difficult to make sure of the provision of continued and consistent quality care, ongoing training and solid education for all children, teams work effectively towards continuous quality improvements in child and health, requirement of effective strategies and careful planning, additional cost of marketing to communicate with parents and promote the benefits of day care and so forth. In addition to these challenges, it would be difficult to maintain and improve the reputation in the community & building a child care facility, as it would require more time and financial investment.

Assessment and analysis of cost-volume-profit analysis

The cost volume profit analysis provides strong foundation on how the future spending could contribute to the success or failure of the program and help the management in taking important decisions revealing the relationships among the output volume and cost, sales and profit. Also, the analysis is useful in gaining valuable insights on the changes in number of students would affect the company’s profitand evaluate sensitiveness of financial performance of program, which is subject to the number of students getting enrolled each month in Alta Vista Day Care Center. The cost structure includes the relevant portion of variable and fixed costs that the business would incur…………..

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