Day Care In Public Housing Case Solution & Answer

Day Care In Public Housing Case Study Solution


The report sets out to assess and evaluate the feasibility of opening the day-care center in the Alta Vista housing community, as the proposal seems to be an ideal way to start rebuilds Alta Vista. It aims at improving the quality of people’s lives that are living in Alta Vista Community through the provision of employment opportunities, training and child care at affordable cost. The report contains pros and cons including the CVP analysis, which would help in deciding whether to pursue the project on the basis of the long run benefit mutually beneficial for the community and Petersburg office.

Project benefits

The primary benefits of opening the day-care center in the Alta Vista housing community includes: the meeting of the critical needs of the families residing in the Alta Vista Community. The people find it difficult to raise their living standards on because of various barriers, including jobs skills, lack of transportation and affordable child care. Additionally, due to the significant increase in the number of homeless families; the on-site day care program within the heart of Alta Vista stresses over the significance of housing at low cost, which is suitable for families.

The reasons due to which the families would view child-care as an opportunity to improve the living standard, are: provision of the year round and high quality child care facility. The aim of the child-care standard is to provide wellbeing, health and safety to the children,  focus on accomplishing the results via high quality educational program for children, greater understanding by the family esregarding the services based on what differentiates normal services from the quality service. There is a huge contribution of curriculum decision making in learning and development outcomes of each children in respect to their identity and connection with the community, effectiveness as communicators and wellbeing confidence as learners.

In addition to this, the demand for the development of child care is also driven by the training and employment opportunities provided to the recipient of Aid to Dependent Children (ADC). Under the program, the child would be provided between $80 and $85 per week, which in turn would help them in overcoming the poverty issues. Running a day-care could be lucrative even ture as it tends to generate enormous amounts of funds, which could be used in community development through the program enhancement and tuition assistance for the students.

Project challenges and uncertainties

In contradiction to the number of benefits of opening day-care center in the Alta Vista housing community; there are several uncertainties and challenges associated with development of day-care, which includes the provision of consistent quality care to children, maintaining the untarnished and reputable reputation in the community and building a child care facility, whicht end to take loads of hard work, including time and financial investment. Also, there is high cost involved in building a child-care facility institute, including both and fixed cost. In addition to this, Alta Vista Gardens also has a crime rate which is higher than 89 percent of the towns and cities of state of all sizes. These issues are stemmed from the drug abuse as well as drug related criminal activity, which in turn result in the loss of reputation in the market, due to which there is a possibility of market disapproval of day-care in the near future.(Officials, n.d.).

Furthermore, the challenges that the company faces in opening the day-care center, comprise of funding inadequacies, unavailability of resources, increasing awareness about the program among low-wage workers who are confronted with the issues of limited opportunities, financial pressure and lower level of education. Another challenge is to meet the diverse and different child care needs, and the needs of the family might change over the period of time as they vary on the basis of the children’s characteristics(E.g. temperament, disability status and age), parents’ preferences and experience and number of children.

In addition to this, a focus on the quality as well as safety of the care is of immense importance due to which the company needs to inspire confidence in the ability of the health care providers, in order to provide quality care to the children. Moreover, the good working conditions and high wages retain and attract better educated and competent staff, promote higher morale and result in low turnover – all these factors at the heart of the high quality child-care…………………………….


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