Data Analytics in the hospitality industry Case Solution & Answer

Data Analytics in the hospitality industry Case Solution

Part A


You have been welcomed by the senior governing body to present a detailed business case for putting into specialist data analytics software to support business operations at your company.Your point is to exhibit how data analytics can help the association become more agile and infer esteem in different spaces of the business, while additionally considering challenges related to its execution.


In recent years, we have seen more businesses embrace data analytics as they understand how significant it is. Data Analytics refers to the strategies used to examine data to upgrade efficiency and business gain. This information is separated from different sources and is cleaned and sorted to examine different conduct standards. It plays a key role in driving business in a pertinent way.

The methods and the instruments used in these procedures vary from organization to organization. Different industries that are rich in data such as the retail industry, hospitality, marketing,etc must have to execute data analytics in their procedure to align or secure their data.

Hospitality Industry

Different industries that are rich in data use this approach to precise their data accurately. One such example to be considered is the hospitality industry.

This is because the hospitality industry is rich in data. And we need the defined data-analytics procedure to dispose of these data appropriately. Since the hospitality industry is a broad category of the industry requires a host and a guest which consists of different services within the industry line such as food services, event planning, theme parks, travel, and tourism. The importance of data analytics in the hospitality industry is necessary since it serves a million guests on daily basis. So, it is very important to execute these procedures in the industry to support business operations at your company. (Gupta, 2017)

Ways Data Analytics can help the hospitality industry

Data analytics plays a key role in driving the operations of the industry in a more appropriate and better way. Since the hospitality industry meets millions of guests daily so it’s very important for them to fulfill and maintain their procedures to meet their customers’ expectations. There are many prominent features of data analytics that promises-affluence of hospitality industry, these are: (see exhibit 1) (Zakir, 2015)

Helps in improving revenue management

In the hospitality industry, data analytics can assist hoteliers to develop a strategy that can help in managing the organization’s revenue by utilizing the information accumulated from different sources.

By introducing the data analytics, they can not only easily select the proper price ratio for their customers but also propose criteria in terms of customers’ demand or expectations.

Helps in improving their services

By executing data analytics in the organization, it can help get useful data such as clients’ input with regards to their administrations and services. This data is promptly accessible on stages like online media, surveys made on magazines and lodging sites, or even notes left for the hotel.

In any case, for audits, you can likewise utilize a conventional review strategy that is more definite and provides a deeper understanding of factors that impact visitors’ reserving choices. It can also help develop new perspectives for the hospitality industry.

Improves effectiveness

Data analytics plays a key role in improving marketing effectiveness. It helps the industry in realizing the customer’s expectation by exactly knowing what to market for their potential customers. For instance, if a visitor books the property for the entire family, then, at that point, with the assistance of data analytics, one can advertise the family exercises accessible in the lodging.

Helps in competing with the market

In such a growing era, it is very important to keep an eye on the organizations to compete well in the market. For this purpose, there is no better option than Data-analytics to visualize the marketing trends and perform accordingly. By using the real-time data analytics technique, we can easily compare the current pricing strategy of your competitors. These data can help improve the organization’s techniques and help the organization is doing much better than your compset.

Helps in using different social media platforms

These days’ social media plays an important part in any block. Data analytics can help the organization in performing better on different social media platforms. It’s practical for visitors to cooperate with the customers in new ways in light of social media. It is important in involving it for demands, requirements, conclusions, or concerns. Though, hoteliers might utilize these stages to offer helpful data to their visitors about their administrations.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports are viewed as business-and departmental examination devices and are utilized by monetary administrators and chiefs to break down key measurements, incomes, and productivity. The main feature of data analytics is that it plays an important role in outlining the overall summary of the organization. In the hospitality industry, we have different departments, and of course, all of these departments need to be executed and summarized efficiently and separately. Dataanalytics uses different tools to maintain summary reports of different blocks of the entire organization.

Challenges in implementing Data analytics:

For every good thing, there come different challenges along with it. Implementing Data analytics may drive the company data in an appropriate and aligned way, but along with it, it also meets different challenges the company or the user has to face. These challenges include data consolidation from multiple resources, choosing the right tool, the quality of data being collected, and data security or visualization. These are the important factors that need to be considered while implementing data analytics. (Vidgen, 2017)


To meet these challenges and resolve the issues, it is important to arrange basic training programs for your organization and hire experienced personnel. Another challenge that the organizations face such as gathering data from multiple resources can be overcome by creating a centralized data hub and gathering the information from that location. Also by using the right tools for your purpose might help and result in less provocation.


In recent years, we have seen more businesses embrace data analytics as they understand how significant it is. Data Analytics refers to the strategies used to examine data to upgrade efficiency and business gain. Different industries that are rich in data use these tools to organize their data in a defined way. In other words, we can say that data analytics is the most powerful tool in operating different organizations. But one question that may disrupt the organization leading to data analytics is that how to implement data analytics in an organization in a way that may provide prosperity to the organization. The answer is the “right implementation” which means that the organization must realize the right tool for their purposes and implement it accordingly.

So in other words, we can say that Data Analytics plays a key role in a company’s progress and it is very important to understand the aim of your organization and implement these tools and tactics……………………..

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Part B

Business Framework

Optimal No of Room for each category

Hospitality industry is the broad category of fields that comprises of several features such as rooms, lodgings, foods and services etc. Hotel guest’s room offers a comfortable feeling of home away from home. Room format is verysignificant for giving convenient comfort stay for visitors. Hotel consists of different types of rooms span for particular category. Each category comprises of limited space. For this reason hotels managers are required to maintain high level quality for rooms in order to meet the expectations of guest.

Visitors may stay in a room for various range of reasons such as from joy to necessity. For Example single visitor would like to remain in a solitary room which is more practical for the visitor. Couple would find a twofold room with sufficient services. Family might pick a suite or interconnected room or nearby room or house rooms to have more space for youngsters to hang around. Business voyagers might need a unique suite to engage secretly or flaunt his monetary status to his customers. Thus it is fundamental to comprehend the sorts of rooms lodging proposition to its visitors to improve visitor fulfillment. Lodgings are arranged by the quantity of beds in them. The rates of each type of room shifts by the size and the conveniences that they offer. To accomplish 100% satisfaction for visitor, it is very important to comprehend the expectations of a visitor. It is the duty of the manager to satisfy their customers and provide the services that meets their expectations. There are three essential room classifications for hotels: the norm, family room and the suite. All of these rooms has different probabilities of visitors depending upon the type of services offered. Among all of these categories, We have seen that couple rooms has the highest probabilities of visitors, as people of all over the world more tends to visit different countries or cities as deal after marriage. Also, by providing the different services in reasonable prices, there is a great chance of not only attracting the customers but also increasing the organization’s revenue.    For example if the hotel is providing couple services and deals, so there are more chances that people are tend to visit such hotels more often.

All of these categories and types of services offered is stabilized by using summary statistics. Summary statistics plays an important role in sorting all of these data in simpler form which further help the industry to realize which changes to be made and how the revenues may increase by satisfying the customers.

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