Danfoss RC in China (A): Going Global Award winner Prize Winner Case Solution

Danfoss is among Denmark’s biggest household companies, producing parts for a large range of commercial command activity. Covering the duration 1996-2004, the case starts by taking a look at Danfoss’ globalisation method, then concentrates on its particular knowledge and knowing in China, prior to going back to the larger difficulties that globalisation in China positions for Danfoss as a whole. The focus is on the Refrigeration & Controls (RC) department, the crucial Danfoss department to get in China.

Pedagogical Objectives:
To stress the significance of the business knowing procedure as the globalisation method establishes; 2. To establish a forward looking business method and culture which fits with China’s and the business change; 4.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Economics & Finance

published: 01 Aug 2004

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