Initiative Portfolio Mapping & Weights of Each Criteria

Initially, the weights have been assigned by the team of Gloria Manning as shown in the excel spreadsheet. First, if we look at the Fight the Fade project category and all the products of category, then we have reduced the weight age to two for identifying the specific customer targets. This is because these projects are not growing the company and they contribute only in maintaining the current level of the business in the market. These projects have limited growth and therefore, identifying new specific customer targets would not be relevant for this project category.

Secondly, the scores for the Drapes within this project category have also been changed because the antiseptic wipes and the hand washes are one of the most popular and effective products among all the products in this project category. Moreover, the total weighted score for Drapes is lowest among all the other projects, therefore, this has been chosen as one of the projects, which should not be funded and its R& D expenditure needs to be saved. In a same manner, for the projects based upon the share growth criteria, securing the market share gain and the identifying the specific customer targets decision criteria have been increased to a weight of four.

This is because the Share Growth projects have a low level of uncertainty with a solid growth potential. However, the scores for the antiseptic spray product have been reduced within this project category because these products are mainly popular in the niche markets and therefore, they might not be generating significant revenues. Therefore, giving them a higher rating as compared to the other projects in this sub-category would not be relevant and fair. Finally, for the third sub category of the projects, which is the Accelerated Growth Project, the ratings of three key criteria have been increased to four because of their relative importance. These three key criteria are the ability to bring the product to the market, size of the opportunity and improving the healthcare globally criteria.

Most of the projects under this sub category are venture launches of the company, which emphasize heavily on revenue and share growth in the market. The scores for these three key projects have been changed and perhaps decreased within this subcategory because of their relative importance of each decision’s criteria. These three projects are collaborative care, image acquisition and image collaboration and reporting. The total weighted score is now lowest for these three and thus they would also not be funded and the R&D expenditure would be saved from these projects. The changes in the weights and the scores of the decision criteria of specific projects have also been made by taking account of the Initiative portfolio map.

The free cash flow margins are lowest for Fight the Fade projects and they also have no revenue growth. If we rank the projects in terms of their revenue growth then we would rank the accelerated growth projects first, second would be share growth projects and after that we would have the fight for fade projects…………………

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