D. U. Singer Hospital Products Corp Case Solution & Answer

D .U. Singer Hospital Products Corp Case Solution


This case is about D.U. Singer Hospital Products Corp. The hospital has recently come up with the development of a new product-named as ‘A long-term antiseptic’ only to the extent of research and development. In order to evaluate and forecast the time and resources required until the product gets a start-up, Mike Richards which is the scientist involved in the development of this project hence belongs to the Antiseptic department of the hospital have been asked to make a proper project plan for this product. Because the formula for the product have been made already and almost every main-concern related to the regulation compliance has been addressed, so the extend of this project is limited up to the project is under production process and has not been transferred to manufacturing process. Based on the analysis it could be said that almost 95 percent of the returns could be produced when the product reaches the 80 percent of total production level i.e. 10000000 liters annually.

What are the project requirements?

In this project the following things are mandatory:

  • To develop and effectively plan a design for the packaging of the product.
  • To ensure that all the manufacturing related processes for the product are in compliance with the mandatory cooperate standards and policies.
  • Selecting and purchasing all the effective capital machinery that is required for starting manufacturing process of the product as well as its installation.
  • It is mandatory for the project that it must comply with all the policies of FDA, EPA and OSHA.

 Situational Analysis:

Potential problems with the plan:

Ineffective leadership:

It could be said that the management’s decision to give the responsibility of project planning to Mike Richards was entirely wrong. It is because of the reason that he is a scientist, he neither possess required leadership skills nor he is skilled in project planning because it is simply not his field. Although he being the scientist and involved in development process, he acquire all relevant knowledge and skills about the product just to the extent of its development level. Managing the entire planning process of the project and making decisions according to it is not his thing. The manager would have assigned a skilled individual for this process, or it would have assigned another skilled person with him. Giving entire responsibility to him couldleadto the failure of project plan?

Collateral vs successive running of activities:

It is possible that ineffective planning=g may lead to several operation run in a sequence instead of being run collateral.

Ineffective allocation of resources

Overall the project there is unstable allocation of resources like at the primary stages like R&D there is higher allocation requirement where towards the end it is lower, this could be reason for the entire plan to fail.

Intermediary dependence:

At various stages, the plan rely on intermediary intervene. For say, if there is any hindrance and regulatory documentation gets delayed than the project could take time for competition, these hindrances could arise because of the dependence on third party, like dependence on suppliers for machine requirements.

Ineffective costing estimations:

The estimating costs allocated to the labor and material i.e. about 600 dollars may be incorrect and it may result in ineffective budgeting of the project resulting in a plan failure.

Dividing of project phases:

Since this is a very lengthy project and it is very likely to consume great time, if it is not divided well in different stages and phases than there might arises disturbances in project operations……………………….

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