Problem Identification


There is acertain problem that the management of the MKSCC, has to face under the absence of the leadershipof Jen in designing and framing thesustainabilitystrategy for Cycle for Survival.

  • Since Jen have been a single “center of attention” for all fundraisers, her personality, leadershipcannotbe escaped, hence created a bottleneck for Katie to keep the momentum, and also to keep the realessence and brandimageof the Movementsustainable.
  • The MKSCC, obtained the attention of many donors and hence lead to theexpansion Under such circumstances, it is difficult for Katie to decide, who to plan as a brand ambassador of “Cycle of survival” who could meet the criteria and perception of the donorand the other victims like Jen has set.
  • The management has to decide whether topursue the same strategy of driving motivation in the movement by branding it with theapproach of using a victim, like Jen, or another marketing strategy should be used to keepJenalive in functions and operations while meeting the newchallenges of the market.
  • Since, Jen had drivengreat emotional association of the patient, donors and professionals, every next move that has to be taken need to be well-supported with right evidence otherwise it may lead to great critique and might hurt the feelings of many players. The situation has created a deadlock, in deciding whether to take the cycling is core activity as the movement is named after it, or shall it include other activities like running and swimmingaswell.

Situational Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • The organization hasstrong brand image which creates a strong impression on the minds of the donorsand the professionals about the validity and authenticity of the movement
  • The organization is well-funded, because of strong association, people have with the movement.
  • It has uniquecompetitive advantage over other players, because of the presenceof Jen-The victim as the brand ambassador, and also because of its focus on finding acure for rare types of cancer.


  • The organizationtotally stands on the brandimage of Jen.
  • The donors have strong association and support with Jen and less association with the organization.
  • The movement Cycle for Survival engraved the name of thecycleitself, which made movement restricted to induce cycling only as apart of themovement.


  • The company has awell-developedreputation,which serves as the competitive advantage and thus opens gateways to expand in other countries as well.
  • It can incorporate moreactivities like running orswimming under different movement to increase the span of donations and fundings.


  • Since the company has strong brandassociation with Jen who has passedaway, the chancestolose the effective market share are eminent.
  • Manyotherplayers might take place or imitate the business model of MPSCC, which may reduce the donations and funding.
  • It may also posit a great threat to the sustainability of the brand image and value which may deterioratebecause of Jen’s death.

Alternative: 1-

The company should pursue the same functions with the inclusion in the activities like cycling and Swimming but under different sub movements-like Swimming for survival fun, orrunning for Survival. With an addition of Jen’s cycling forsurvival in parent activity…………………

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