Culture – USA Case Solution & Answer

(U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2016)


1.      Values & Beliefs (Religion)


USA is known as a Melting Pot. It consists of different standards by which, people judge attractiveness, blimey and beauty, which serve as wide-ranging procedures for communal existing. Values are broad moralities that lie beneath principles, specific declarations that persons grasp to be true. Following are the main values that are present in US Culture:

1.      EGALITARIANISM (Equality) In the USA, people get equal opportunities, i.e. they are important in person for who they are, not from which cast, religion or ethnicity they come from. Robert Kohls said that for Americans, equality is the most esteemed value. A sign of confidence, autonomy and the chance to have a fair life as well as many of the opportunities most Americans expect. There is no Ethnocentricity in the American Culture.
2.      Flexibility It includes progress ratio, developmental phase and progressions, when changes are taken as positivity, the society ultimately grows, and this is the belief of Americans. This establishes a transient society, i.e. geologically, economically and publicly.


3.      Individualism vs. Privacy People in USA usually give maximum of their time to themselves because they believe that giving time to your own personality improves your intellects. And they also are cogitated as self-centered and occasionally isolated and solitary.
4.      Individual Control Over The Surroundings The US Culture believes that the forthcoming is not a port to fortune, one must put their efforts to secure their future and control in the environment. People should achieve maximum by gaining advantages from opportunities provided to them by a 3rd mean.
5.      Self-Support Americans are proud accomplishers, i.e. they don’t rely on rights from birth but they appreciate self-achievements very much.
6.      Informality Americans practice informal gestures because being formal is an arrogant approach and show-off for superiority.
7.      Competition Americans always believe in a competitive approach so they may learn maximally.
8.      Honesty & Dignity The truth should always be taken as a reality rather than an opportunity, whatever the circumstances are, the US Culture tries to follow the dignity of truth and fairness.
9.      Action Orientation& Significance of Time It is an immoral and wrong thing for Americans to waste their time. The most important belief of Americans is that they maximally try to use their time productively and quantitatively rather than spending in irrelevant things.
10.  Optimism The US Culture beliefs in the future only, regardless of the past (that couldn’t be changed) and the present (that is going on). They emphasize on doing things rather than beings. This is the most sensible attribute towards life.

(Kohls, 2017)

·         Religion


Religion is the key factor in any society that is responsible for altered and diverse human behaviors. It basically teaches us the work ethics, i.e. Responsibility to worship God by hard work and the exercise of self-denial or Initiative to hard work and frugality; similar to protestant work ethic. There are many religions that are practicing in the USA, i.e. Christianity, remaining are Protestants and 23% as Catholic and 2% Mormon……………

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