Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation Case Solution

Service companies now account for about 70% of world production and employment in OECD countries, but the real innovation is rare in the services sector. Many companies gradually improve its offer, but few succeed in creating innovations in launch services in new markets or reshape existing ones. Thinking of a service in terms of basic services and the use of separability of production, administrators can more easily see how to innovate their competitors. Before they can do, however, need to understand the different types of service innovations that create the market and the factors that enable them. It presents and describes pairs of the matrix, the taxonomy helps managers to think strategically about service innovations that can create new markets. The dimensions of the matrix refer to the nature of services offered and the level of services separability. References best practice examples to illuminate each cell of the matrix and explain the importance of understanding the dynamics of the cell that is more applicable to an effort to service innovation.
Leonard L. Berry,
Venkatesh Shankar,
Janet Turner Parish,
Susan Cadwallader,
Thomas Dotzel
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
10 pages.
Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod #: SMR195-PDF-ENG
Creating new markets by the Department of Innovation Case Solution

Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation Case Solution
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