Bakeys Cutlery Case Study Solution

Identification of Issues

Bakeys cutlery (Bakeys) was found by Narayanan Peesapaty in 2010 in Hyderabad, India. The company deals in edible cutlery with the objective of providing an alternative to plastic cutlery, whichis innovative, environmental friendly and healthy alternative for the plastic cutlery. In order to fulfill itsvision, the company is expected to facea number of challenges, which are discussed below:

High Prices:

One of the biggest challenges that the company is facing in India is high prices of Bakeys’ edible cutlery. The edible cutlery is priced about two to three times higher in comparison to the plastic cutlery that is available in the market. This is considered to be a major issue, which could hinder the increasing the sales of the company, because the consumers of the company are price sensitive.
Low Environmental Awareness:

Another major issue that the company is facing in order to market its product successfully is that the consumers are not aware about the effects of using the plastic cutlery, and the benefits of using edible cutlery. In addition to this, the concept of the ecofriendly consumption is still at its initial stage. So it is important to increase the awareness among the consumers about the eco-friendly environment.


Another issues that the company is facing is that the population of Indiahas become habitual of using the plastic cutlery and it is not easy to switch them from plastic to edible cutlery, because they are change averse consumers. The company should makepotential efforts in order to improve the sales of the product.

Stakeholder perspectives

Stake holder is anyone that is taking interest in the business. In order to understand the stakeholders’ perspective, it is necessary to understand the stakeholders of the company. The different stakeholders of the Bakeys cutlery (Bakeys) are its consumers, government, suppliers, investors and communities. The stakeholder perspective shows that what they think about the company or what are their views. (Officals, 2019).


India is a developing country due to which the country has a poverty and low disposable income of the residents. Due to this reason, the consumers of the company are price sensitive and prefer to buy cheap substitute. In addition to this, the edible cutlery is two to three times expensive than the plastic cutlery, which is why most of the consumers are not shifting towards the edible cutlery. Furthermore, they consider the company’s product to be expensive. Moreover, they have less knowledge about the environment.


The supplier are those who supply the raw material for manufacturing the product. The suppliers of Bakeys are the farmers who provide sorghum to the company. The company encourages the farmers to grow more and more sorghum so that the company would be able to meet the local and international demand of its customers.


The company is manufacturing the product that is considered to be eco-friendly, so it is expected that the government would support the product and provide some subsidy to the company. In addition to this, the government might ban the plastic cutlery usage in order to deal with the prevailing environmental concerns………………………………


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