Course Project Case Solution & Answer

Course Project Case Solution 


The course project highlights the key concepts of a research. Different situations have been analyzed in order to understand the key points and details of conducting a research. The course project involves 7 sections, highlighting the key concepts of the course. Course project 1 is related to the determination of concepts and constructs in a study and how these concepts and concepts and constructs are related with the explanatory hypothesis.

Moreover, it aims at determining out the possible reasons behind the failures of research project due to visibility issues and the quality of the research, which can be measure through different factors e.g. meeting research objectives. Course project 2 helps the researcher in deciding the right sampling method and conducting exploratory research for training employees. Course project 3 helps in finding out research methods in conducting a qualitative research (See Appendix 1), for instance the usage of in-depth interviews and the observations.

Course project 4 enables the researcher to understand the pilot project design and the ways to motive the sample to participate in a survey. Course project 5 highlights the key concepts of measures (nominal, interval, ratio etc.) and the determination of primary or secondary research techniques. Course Project 6 focuses on finding out the research approaches and the significance of the results through the analysis. Lastly, Course project 7 focuses on determining the right set of study to be conducted and finding out the correlation among the defined variables of the study.

Course Project 1

Question 1

  1. The generally accepted characteristics of a particular situation are referred as concepts, while the construct is basically an idea developed for a single research(Markus, 2008). As it is observed that the customer defection rates are lower among female representatives, as compared to males. The customer defection rates refers to situation, whereby a customer switches to other competitors. The concepts and constructs, which could be used to study this phenomena are described as under


  • Ratio between male and female employees
  • Age of sales representatives.
  • Efficiency of sales representatives.
  • Working hours for males and females sales representatives.


  • Soft skills among the sales representatives.
  • Job satisfaction levels.
  • Service quality.
  • Product knowledge by the sales representatives.
  1. The explanatory hypothesis states that the change in the independent variable would cause a change in the dependent variable. The aforementioned constructs and concepts relate to the explanatory hypothesis as follows
  • If the number of females’sales representatives is increased, it would reduce the customer defection rate.
  • The improved soft skills would reduce the customer defection rate.
  • Increased job satisfaction would reduce the customer defection rate.

Question 2

In order to comment over the quality of the research (UK Safer Internet Centre, 2018), it would be ensured that the research’s purposes has been defined clearly, the overall research process has been properly planned and documented. Research limitations have been presented, research is carried under ethical standards, the analysis is adequate and findings are clearly stated, the research’s conclusions were justified with the findings and the credentials have been stated thoroughly. Moreover, the demographic of the research sample would be evaluated in order to ensure that the study sample included sample of same age and same region and the buyers of product insurance would be studied.

Question 3

The reason behind the failure ofmost of the projects is visibility. The in depth knowledge must be available in particular times to the managing director, project managers and the team members. In this scenario, the Oaks International resident has hired an outside researcher, who does not have a sound knowledge about the organization and practices. The President has asked to study the activities of the customer relation department rather the research should be focused on studding the factors, which could enhance the productivity levels. Here, the President’s assumption is that the low productivity levels are related to the job satisfaction levels. However, there are other variables, which could act as moderators or intervening variables, affecting the productivity levels. Such intervening variables could be absenteeism and worker efforts. In addition, the low productivity levels are not only the result of personnel issues, however, the plant and equipment facilities may also lead to lower productivity levels. The approach taken by the President is biased and an exploratory research is necessary in order to determine the factors behind low productivity levels.

Course Project 2

Question 4

The first step in determining how hospitals prepare and train volunteers, is to do some exploratory research (Questionpro, 2015), which could be initiated by going through the secondary data i.e.

  • The newspaper and journal articles related to the hospitals’ volunteers.
  • The references already listed in publication regarding hospital volunteers.
  • The publication by targeting volunteers and the major hospitals.
  • The hospital’s websites related to volunteers.
  • General internet research based on volunteers and their training.

Moreover, the expert opinion needed to be taken, as a part of exploratory research, which may include

  • Volunteers in hospitals.
  • Opinions from coordinators of the volunteers.
  • Research firms, which have conducted their research on volunteers and their training.

Question 5

In order to address the Nike’s issue, Snowball sampling method (Dudovskiy, 2019)should be considered, as it’s sampling whereby the participants recruit other participants for conducting the test or a study. The sampling method is preferable, where the participants of the study are hard to find. The two steps needed to be followed in Snowball sampling by Nike i.e.

  • First of all identify the population subjects, initially, one or two subjects can be found.
  • Ask the selected subjects to recruits others and then ask others to recruit other participant’s, without mentioning their identities.

Course Project 3

Question 6

Initially, it should be decided that the consumers of the United States’ market would-prefer the new designs and colors, it is because a stylish or preferable product in one culture may not be acceptable in other culture. The European and the American cultures have wide range of differences. Therefore, it is better to understand market consumers and their needs, by conducting a qualitative research. Among the qualitative research methods (P. Gill, 2008). In depth interviews or focused interviews would be best to understand the consumer mindset regarding design and color preferences, in the United States…………..

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