Corporate Strategy at Berkshire Partners Case Solution

CEO of Berkshire Partners, a private equity firm of medium size to meet the strategic and organizational challenges in response to the conditions of market turbulence, the rapid growth of the business and the transition from management of its founders to the next generation . To answer some of these dynamics, and to protect the benefit of the companies Berkshire, the CEO has established three monitoring committees have developed new specialized business functions, and a group of hedge funds internally incubated. Students have the opportunity to assess recent changes in Berkshire in business strategy and organizational design and make recommendations for the future.
Julie M. Wulf,
Scott Waggoner
Source: Harvard Business School
25 pages.
Release Date: February 5, 2010. Prod #: 710414-PDF-ENG
Berkshire Partners Business Strategy Case Solution

Corporate Strategy at Berkshire Partners Case Solution
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