Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing Well by Doing Good Case Solution

Keep the jungle another palm oil plantation undoubtedly raise a company favorable attention from environmentalists, but how shareholders react? It shows that the strategic practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR), a company can “do well by doing good”, in other words, you can make a profit and make the world a better place at the same time. CSR is seen as a voluntary commitment of companies to go beyond the explicit and implicit obligations imposed on an undertaking by the expectations of society on the behavior of conventional businesses. Therefore, CSR is a way to promote positive to strengthen the basic order of society social trends, which we define as a set of obligations covering both legal and social conventions. Due to globalization, companies are less constrained by fundamental order of society than they were in the past. Because different countries have different laws and regulations, there are other ways to get away with less than ideal behavior in pursuit of higher profits. Almost everyone agrees that it is not a good thing, but what can you do? Provides an understanding of CSR could be the answer and argues that the practice of CSR is not altruistic do-Gooding, but rather a way for companies and society to prosper. This is especially true when the CSR is conceived as a long-range.
Oliver Falck,
Stephan Heblich
Source: Business Horizons
8 pages.
May 15 2007: release date. Prod #: BH235-PDF-ENG
Corporate social responsibility: Doing well by doing good solution if

Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing Well by Doing Good Case Solution
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