Corporate Social Responsibility Case Solution

Section 01

The paper basically dicusses the corporate social responsibility of the different firms where Dannon and Clorox has been offering its services with the efforts of remaining sustainable with its sustainability initiatives. Along with this, the paper discusses the fact that Dannon has not looked to advertise its CSR activities because the company and the management feel that they need to remaincommitted to the industry.Along with this, it is the most important aspect of any company and management where it should look to educate each employee about the CSR efforts and activities the company plans to carry out, or in fact it is actually working upon. The reason is simple, if the employees are aligned with the overall objective of the company; it actually helps them associate themselves to the activity along the way. Clorox has developed a corporate responsibility strategy for itself. The company has looked to ensure that the company is donating the money and also the products by reducing the footprints and also caring about the society. The company through its brands Brita, Burt Bees and the Green works has looked to become a sustainable organization. The management has looked to fulfill the element of staying a sustainable firm in the market. The Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) has also been quite effective with its CSR efforts and has made significant efforts in developing a strong recognition in the market with the offerings.

Section 02

Discuss the internal (or company and employee benefits) of CSR and the sustainability initiatives. Use the Dannon case as an example to illustrate the value of CSR programs, and also explain why it is not their priorityit advertise their CSR activities. Explainhow a CSR strategy needs to fit a firm’s management culture.

Dannon’s CSR activities fell under the Regulatory and the Corporate Affairs Department that is responsible for the company CASR activities. The sustainability initiative of Dannon in terms of the company benefits is that it actually helped the company in developing a strong brand name and an association with the clients of the company.

Dannon has been looking to pursuit its efforts on the scale where the company can overcome the threat of competition also with the involvement in the CSRactivities. Another benefit for the company is that CSR initiative has provided the company to disseminate the scientific knowledge and also the nutrition diet which has been a part of the research for the company.

Along with this, the company has looked to encourage the information to be widespread across the different centers of the company and its customers. The overall impact of sustainability invectives has been a positive one for Dannon.

The sustainability initiative of Dannon in terms of the employee benefits is that the company actually worked to enrich the well-being and also the health of its employees with the development of a comprehensive work life wellness program.

Along with this, the company has also included the exercise program on the site during and even after lunch. It provides tuition assistance, financial assistance and the adaptationexpenses and also a scholarship program for the children of employees.

Advertising the CSR activities has been a priority at Dannon, the reason is simple, as stated in the case, the management has not made its CSR initiatives a prioritybecause, it already appears over the website of the company. Along with this, the major focus of the company has been over the commitment to nutrition and the health.

They believe that the efforts will be highlighted if properly managed and accepted in the market. Dannon does not have extra financial strength to spend upon prioritizing its CSR efforts. Along with this, another major reason for not prioritizing the initiatives has been because it was not designed for the public relations, in fact it was solely designed for the internal initiatives.

Along with this, Biney felt that if advertising will be done, it will actually require the connection of Dannon and Danone to explained as to who does what. Although he believed it will impress people, but in the end it requires capital which is the company at the moment cannot afford to invest upon………………………

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Corporate Social Responsibility Case Solution
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