Continuity Of My Job Case Solution & Answer

Continuity Of My Job Case Solution


It has become increasingly challenging but at the same time an excellent opportunity for me to make my career in the field I belong to. Insucha complex and interconnected world of international business; the science of knowledge is very important. With my extensive past academic background; I am quite inclined towards finance and account work,so if I challenge myself for the successful future path, then it would become essential for me to pursue MBA (aster in business administration)alongside the field which I work in i.e. as a treasurer in a private school. This program will give me a further competitive advantage and would help me in gaining confidence on my future growth. Master of Business would perfectly help me in achieving  my future goals.

A person who is indulging in the profession of Treasurer, needs strong determination, sense of planning and strength of character. In the forthcoming years, this profession will rapidly integrate worldwide, people who have high intentions in pursuing this career, should know the international methodologies and perspective of this career. I feel that because of my pure intention in this field; I am uniquely blessed with a strong background in this field, both academically and professionally, which previously made me learn-various languages, know the mind sets of different people and the region where I live. I am very much familiar with the growing markets of this country. Pursuing Masters in Business Administration with this job, would prove to be very beneficial for me in having a successful career.

Job Description

I am basically a treasurer in a private school.The responsibilities of a treasurer are mainly to work on the financial planning of the company, budgeting and investments.

They are also responsible for the fundraising and sales of the company, as they see overall accounts and funds of the company,which, I perfectly do at my workplace..

How This Course That Is “Managing Up” Will Help Me in My Career

Managing up is the term that means handling a task and the people creating a dynamic and a productive environment? The course is about preparing the volunteers and participants for the future roles and bigger responsibilities, in which there is no scope for the mistakes. So as my job is quite sensitive, so this course is directly related to the work that I am good at, eliminating the scope of mistake in my work.

Managing up is also a subject in which time management is necessary, which is one of the key elements to be highly considered when working as a treasurer, as time management is the factor that has helped me extensively in my job, and thankfully I have become habitual of managing the time.Additionally, this subject has also helped me throughout my work experience.

  1. Problem solving

Effective management is the main as well as a basic part of a successful organization.Leaders guide their team and develop problem-solving skills. Searching a best solution can be achieved by following the main steps of problem-solving process, which is what I have learnt through this course, including the creation of alternative solutions for solving any critical problem, negotiation and also  the implementations & follow ups on the running projects. I should make sure that I find the alternatives by considering the constraints of the firm.

  1. Teamwork and Enterprise skills

Staff can address many issue-sin corporate offices. When someone works in a team; he gains as well as learns many things, with the passage of time. Reliability by sticking to the conclusive step of any work, completing your tasks and over discussing any typical issue regarding the ongoing project along the way, are what the team members tends to excel at, after working in a team for a long period of time……………….

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