Continental AG Case Analysis Case Solution

Answer 1

International Management Program (IMP) managed by Continental AG is to enhance the potential of managers in carrying out tasks outside their experience and expertise. The idea is to provide these individuals with a unique set of skills so that it shall be beneficial for an individual and as well as the overall performance of the organization. The project also provides opportunities to individuals to get close to the CEO of the organization and also provides a ladder to climb up the top management. Since the team developed under a particular project is cross-cultural, therefore the facilitators and mentors of the team have to carefully manage the workforce diversity.

There were three members in the team while none of the participants had similar background or education. Klaus Meier had accomplished a degree in engineering while he had been heading the marketing manager position within the organization. The second participant Werner Winkel was an attorney and mainly dealt in the field of negotiation with parties. Lastly, John Caldwell belonged to a diverse field of accounting and this was his first international trip through Continental AG. Therefore, huge diversity had impact on the behaviors of these individuals which had negative and positive impact on the environment of a team.

While considering the behavior of Winkel in a team, he was completely dissatisfied with the team and the project to which he was associated. However, when he was asked to answer certain questions at the end of the module, he had an ambition to work outside the field of his expertise. While he was associated with the automotive brake-system software which had been outside his general expertise, therefore his behaviors reflected opposite of his statements.

Furthermore, his falling asleep in mornings and reading tourist books in the class had been very concerning situation for the facilitators. Moreover, Winkel announced his three-week vacation in the midst of module 1 which made his teammates unhappy because they perceived that their work would be disturbed.

Continental AG Case Analysis Case Solution & Answer

However, the behavior of Meier and Caldwell had remained positive, while Caldwell had been the most interactive team member amongst the participants. Meieir had been a quiet personality while minding his own business but unlike Winkel to disobey any orders from the facilitators. The highly unstructured team had been the reason due to which the team had not been generating results.

The Team Essential Model

Clear Goals

            Although the goals have been decided by the academic facilitators for each of their projects and the roles of their team members, but since the managers of the particular project belonged to the Conti-Tevez Company, therefore, these managers had limited knowledge regarding IMP. Furthermore, the goals were set to deliver a strong outcome in seven month time period which had been communicated with the team member.

Supportive Environment

The facilitators were supportive as they would hear any issues faced by a team member. As discussed in the case, the facilitators heard the issues from Winkel regarding his project and team member problems but made a decision to stick with the company policies and told Winkel that this was not possible. Furthermore, the facilitators would spend hours with the team in managing their differences so that the individuals may change their approach and shall carry along without wasting any time.

However, in some of the occasions, facilitators did not intervene due to which the problems for the teams emerged further. For instance, facilitators did not intervened when they were observing an unprofessional attitude from Winkel which included sleeping till late morning with little interaction with his team member, and also reading the tourist books most of the times. Furthermore, there had also been raised voices amongst team member in module 1 and 2 which had never been addressed. Facilitators had the entire authority and control over the project, therefore it was the duty of facilitators to manage the differences between the team members and to eliminate the negative vibes………………….

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Continental AG Case Analysis Case Solution
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