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In this experiment,we are going to analyze the Morris water maze results using MATLAB software. In behavioral neuroscience, this is the most widely used method by which we can test the memory ability as well as the learning ability of the mouse. For this experiment, we have six consecutive days’ experimental data in the form of .tif format with 25 frames per second sampling frequency. In this report, first, we are going to discuss the code description in detail and then we are going to analyzethe generated results and in the last, on the basis previous heading, we are going to conclude our project.

The main body of this project code is in figure 01. In this part we are just plotting our results, all the calculations part are available in the function which is next part of this section, and in this part first, we specify the folder location where our .tif data is available and call our first function which is named as “mouse_track” after that there is a loop for plotting of the mouse movement whose results are attached in the results section ad in this loop we plot the mouse starting position, ending position, mouse traveling path, and the pool radius. In the last section of this part or main body part, we plot the results of the distance covered by mouse in terms of days………………………….


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