Concept of leadership Case Solution

Concept of leadership

Leadership is the procedure through which a person influences others such as subordinates and colleagues to accomplish an objective or a common goal. Leadership is not a simple process as it requires high effort; the concept of leadership is in continuous innovation, debating and improvement in today’s world.

One author defines that a leader is a man or woman who has the ability to persuade people to do what they ought to do which they sometime do not do without being persuaded. The author also describes that the leader should have the ability to persuade people to do what they do not want to do and like it. Leadership involves the concept for instance, to influence others, intention, people activity, change, shared purpose and followers.

Leadership styles

It is observed by many researchers that different types of leadership styles exist in the working environment. Every leadership style has its own leadership qualities and pros and cons exist within each leadership styles.


This leadership style lacks in the direct supervision of employees and its subordinates and it is noticed that in this leadership style, the leader fails to provide the regular feedback to those under his supervision. In this leadership style, managers do not put much effort for the supervision of their employees which ultimately results in the lack of control, reduce profits and worst production.

Autocratic leadership style

In this leadership style, manager takes the decision without consent of other employees. A manager has the complete authority, therefore, he or she imposes their will on employees; and autocratic leader has all power due to which no one challenges the decision of autocratic leaders. This leadership style mostly de-motivates the innovative employees of the enterprise.

Concept of leadership Case Solution & Answer

Participative leadership style

This leadership style is like democratic leadership style, in the decision making process under the prescribed leadership style, leaders value the input of team members however, the core responsibility to take the decision are authorized to manager. The contribution of employees in the decision making process results in the boost in employees’ morale. The employees play significant role in the organization changes decision process; therefore, the employees accept changes easily.

Transactional leadership style

Managers using the transactional leadership styles entertain convinced tasks to perform and endow with rewards or punishment to their team members based on the performance outcome.

Transformational leadership style

It depends on the high level of communication from the manager of enterprise in order to meet goal of the organization. The managers build a good relationship with employees through communication; employees motivated and increase their efficiency and productivity.

Job experience

I have more than ten years of experience working as a sales, marketing and HR manager in an electrical appliance manufacturing company with more than 126,000 employees in China and throughout the world. During these years, I have not only successfully achieved sales production targets, but have also maintained annual-growth of the sale with my team. I have productively prearranged and carried out more than ten machine conferences. I have also led 3,000 salesmen to good performance through my training and management courses. During my job I had faced many difficulties which created many barriers in my job career and I also fought with them as well.

Challenges faced

During my job experience, I had faced many challenges because of which my efficiency reduced, however, it made me strong and I also found several ways through which challenges resolved. The major challenge I had faced in my sales and marketing position was about generating awareness and to train my colleagues in order to get the attention of their customers and get customers interested in take interest in business, products and services.
Many of my employees had faced a problem that they were not having a large enough volume of interested customers for the products they were offering to their customers and some of the employees did not know in which channel they should focus their complete effort.

Identifying the targeted audience for the products was the key issue that I had faced in my sales and marketing career and resolve that issue by communicating with the employees that what they believe is the core target audience though which we can market our enterprise product…………………

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Concept of leadership Case Solution
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