Compass Minerals International Case Solution & Answer

Compass Minerals International Case Solution


Salt is one of the most natural resource found on the land. Compass Minerals has newly eliminated its IPO, but this comes at a time when the administration and other external factors firms are passing controls aimed at decreasing the salt use, especially in road protection. This is not bad news for companies in the manufacturing industries, especially given the current decline in salt charges. This could affect the investment environment of the market firm where stockholders expect to income and gain from their investments following the recently completed functioning IPO.

2.Company’s Background

The CEO of compass mineral, named as Michael Ducey joined the Inc in April 2002. He was very much concerned about the fact that how the investors would react about the company’s profile going public.

Although, salt organizations were not typical contender for IPOs, Compass Minerals had done very well in its two years as an independent firm, and Ducey had urged his fellow investors to consider leaving through an IPO. With Goldman Sachs driving its IPO the next day, Ducey considered the reaction of financial backers and his methodology going ahead and believing that where should he concentrate.

3.Market Analysis

Ionic stability with water is brought about purely by the measures of the gill and kidneys. Since gills are scared of inhaling the oxygen from the water to the blood, they must have a large external area. The large area provides a place for water and ionic transport. There can be dealing between all the oxygen inhaled and small exchanges in water and Ionics. Respiratorygas and ionic exchange are completely irregular. The biggestpoint of a firm’s success in the market is its overall market income. And from which the change in the value and income of the firm is calculated. It was calculated that the firm’s profits had increased from $ 110.1 m in 1998 to $ 182.8 m in 2003. That has grown by about 65.9% of the firm’s overall net income. Although there is an encouraging age benefit revealed by the virus madedomestically in the tests, there is a range of hurdles to getting the natural interest rate. Some of these hurdles, such as physical composition, contact with the environment, can be communicated through structuredplan and planning of tree planting drives. The failure to provide the right level ofexpertise – the specialty of transmittedadage- can only be understood in the industrial fields.

4.SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of Compass Minerals International consists of internal strategic factors and External strategic factors. The internal factors are comprised of Strength and weakness of an organization whereas the External factors are the opportunities and threat of and Organization.(Porter, 1986)

Internal Strategic factors


Compass Mineral International is one of the leading salt firm in the industry. For thriving and accommodating into the market place it has couple of strengths. These strengths help the Compass mineral International to make its settled place in the market and help them to achieve more in near future. Some of the strengths of compass minerals International that ought them towards success are:

  • Strong trader community: It has assembled a culture among dealers and sellers where the vendors advance organization’s items as well as put resources into preparing the outreach group to disclose to the client how he/she can extricate the greatest advantages out of the items.
  • Customer’s satisfaction: The Company has the expertise in making high level of customer’s satisfaction which helps them to achieve the better in market.
  • Strong dissemination matrix: Over the years, the campus Minerals has striven to make the strong distribution network to reach its market potential.
  • Strong free cash flow: It has strong free cash which helps them to invest into new projects.
  • Outstanding performance in market: It has the magnificent performance in the market which surely helps them to expand and achieve more in the market place.The expansion has helped the organization to build new revenue stream and diversify the economic cycle risk in the markets it operates in.
  • Strong brand portfolio: Portfolio is one of the major key points for any brand to achieve and expand its marketing strategies. Compass mineral international has the strong portfolio which helps them to attain the good revenues………………………….

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