Communication Strategies for Lawyers Case Solution & Answer

Communication Strategies for Lawyers Case Solution 


A successful Barrister needs to be proficient in his communication with his client. Meetings outside the courtroom, requires an attorney to be more efficient in his communication. The communication techniques are basic requirements or key-aspects for a conversation between a lawyer and his client,so, being new to this and meeting up with client at a bar; the Attorney should follow the communication strategies listed below, in order to be more successful and starting a rewarding practice as an Attorney or a Barrister.

Communication Strategies

·Verbal Communication

The communication between the client and the Barrister must not be focused only on e-mails. Sometimes being verbal or communicating through phone calls becomes necessary. Suppose before inviting the client to meet at the bar, just an e-mail is not sufficient. Rather, the lawyer must be in contact with the client personally, to know his availability and the convenient location before deciding for a meeting on his own. Even if he is unable to meet the client due to any possible reasons, he should inform him rather than avoiding or just leaving an e-mail. The personal contact should be kept with confidence,even if there is a bad news for the client. Additionally, the Attorney should also focus on the non-verbal communication of  the client during the meeting as it helps in knowing more about the client and responding accordingly. (Leonard, 2018)

·Being Responsive

Being fresh towards the field, the Attorney should be responsive towards the client by being  available for the client even if he is stuck with some other issues. Avoiding the clients in the start of the career is just not a viable option. It is better to call your client before he calls you. This will build a positive image in front of the client and he would perceive that the lawyer is interested in listening to his issues and he is personally involved in solving the matters effectively. Ultimately, this will help in building a clients’ trust.(Flow, 2018)

·Listening to the client

Proper listening to the client’s problem is very effective for a worthy legal communication process. As an Attorney, he should listen carefully to what actually the client is saying, as through this way; the client will consider him more reliable. In order to be an effective listener, don’t try to dominate the discussion, let the client speak about the issues he is facing. Don’t speak up when the client is talking, just stay calm, let him complete and then add up your own stances or ideas to make the communication process more fruitful.

·Proper Counseling of the client

After listening and understanding to the client’s problems carefully; try to give your best advice no matter if its related to business or legal processes, because gaining the client’s trust is a crucial element in becoming a successful Attorney. So, the lawyer should be a sound counselor for the client’s issues.

·Being open to different problems of the client.

In order to reach the core problem of the client, the Attorney should avoid making assumptions. He must be aware of techniques in getting to key issues. He must consider various options, ideas or actions in order to understand the problem thoroughly, even if he does not understand the client’s problem thoroughly. Before putting any solution, the Attorney must be able to get into the core of the problem by using different probing or strategies so that he could come up with a viable solution.

·Curiosity towards the client’s issue.

Besides being with a careful listener; the Attorney must show curiosity to the client’s problem. He must be prepared to ask thought provoking questions to the client in order to grasp the whole situation carefully, but it should be kept in mind that the questions must not be dominating, rather the questions must be open ended like “What do you think about it?”. In this way the client will trust you and their answers can be more valuable, helpful or even surprising for the Attorney to work on the case…………………….

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