Commonwealth Bank Case Solution & Answer

Commonwealth Bank Case Solution


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), is an Australian international bank with dealings throughout NZ, Asia, and the US, and the UK. It provides diversity in investing facilities, including:advertising, banking and established,retirement, insurance, investment facilities. Commonwealth Bank was the biggest registered firm on the Australian Stock Market in August 2015 with shares, Colonial First State Investments, ASB Bank (NZ.), Commonwealth Securities (Common Sec) and Commonwealth Coverage (Common Insure). The bank is also the biggest bank in the southern hemisphere.

The Bank was established in 1910 by the state of Australia, which later began operating in the year 1996 as Commonwealth Bank, which is in the list of “4 biggest banks” in the region. The bank was registered on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1991.

The previous main branch of Commonwealth Bank was the Commonwealth Exchange center in Sydney, which was renewed in 2013 for commercial use, and (from 1983 to 2013) National In vestments Group House in Martin Place, which was sold in 2013 to the Macquarie Bank.

Commonwealth Bank remained established underneath the Commonwealth Group Performance in 1910, and began its operation in 1913, enabling it to introduce the investments and overall investment commercials. Now the bank has to expand itself with nearly 900000 stockholders and 51,000 individuals employed for the Commonwealth Bank. The bank provides a comprehensive amount of business facilities to help and support their investment services in Australia

The Group Records serves the inner wants and provides feedback to the individuals regarding the firm’s origin and its operations.

Foundations include:

Annual information and other journals (with flyers, pictures, and announcements) records on current and former Commonwealth Bank buildings,records on the structure of our organization and staff pictures of individuals, actions and structures books, records and transaction archives Monuments that include money, uniforms, furniture, saffron, cash boxes, and gold scales. Employee magazine archive, firm records, relationships and circumstances, item discovery statements

And my reason for choosing this bank is simply that I have closely monitored that how Commonwealth Bank has emerged over the years as a commercial bank in Australia.


Province Bank reports best in Innovation center in Sydney.


State Bank is the 1stAussiefirm and no.1 bank in the world 100 Index to show firm Environmental, Social, and Supremacy practices.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia praises a long time since it was set up as a community firm on the Australian stock market.

The Comm Bank’s Teaching Awards shows 5 years of paying motivating force mentors throughout Australia.



The 10th service of Commonwealth Bank’s Start advanced program, the world’s largest financial training program

2018 proceeds


The Bank has more than 7.5 million Australians working online and an increase of 6 million useful applications every day.

Literature Review & discussion inside

Different strategies of Commonwealth Bank concerning the changing trends in the national and global business

A new OECD framework for determining which business plans they truly innovative, as they are exploring new jobs, Comm-bank adopted the framework set out in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Oslo Manual. Used by organizations around the world, including the Australian Federal Government and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this manual is composed of four important new areas: products, processes, marketing, and organization. References to ‘new functionality are based on experimental innovations using the Oslo Manual definition – new or significant developments in one or more of the following areas: products, processes, marketing, and organization. They used the Oslo Manual process to evaluate each step reported by the study respondents, which allows us to determine whether their business development meets the definition of a new invention and the number of areas in which they are developing. They used this method because they did not use the word ‘invention’ in this part of the study to make the results stronger. (s., 2012)

Rapid change is the lifeblood of Australian businesses in today’s markets, promoting the innate ability to respond to the wide range of opportunities and threats around them. Their FY19 Business Insights Report finds that renaming has become part of the way they do business. Composition which they understand and occurs widely, regardless of the size of the company, industry, or area. Research also shows that there is a strong link between innovation, flexibility, and organizational stability. In all things that drive businesses to make a difference, the key is to meet customer expectations and improve customer experience. This also contributes to the skills and competencies they want to achieve to ensure that their organization is ready for the future. Technology is an important tool for the rapid emergence of changing customer needs. But the most important thing is to ensure that the employees of the organization have the skills and competencies needed to continue to adapt to the changing environment as customer expectations change and the business environment changes. Therefore, decision-makers want to acquire and develop skills that will help them stay relevant to their customers. (Lin, 2014)

Since the release of the first Business Insights Report on FY17, public debate on innovation has also changed and the focus on developing the skills needed to successfully adapt to change has become a shared one. As suggested in a report on Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) towards the end of 2017, Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation, there is a medium need to respond to the changing nature of work with construction skills over the next decade. This is focused on integrating policy support to strengthen the education system and the skills training sector. This great need for renewable energy, as they use the technological influence of rebuilding the way people work, was re-introduced in the Australian Government Paper for Tech Future Technology released in late 2018. While businesses play an important role in the development of skills for the entire system, there is also a need to prepare for the upcoming change. And in addition to the obvious desire among Australian businesses to develop technical skills, research finds that there is an equal, if not more, of the so-called soft skills. Businesses are looking for flexible and flexible employees, who speak and can manage and lead others. However, businesses and employees understand that technology will play a key role in earning and maintaining a competitive advantage. There is a growing awareness among organizations that technology will enable employees to deliver better customer service and allow them to move up to value-added jobs……………………….

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