Comfort Class Transport: Does Customer Service Need an Overhaul Case Solution & Answer

Comfort Class Transport: Does Customer Service Need an Overhaul Case Solution


“Comfort class transport” provides its customer an excellent chauffeured transport administrations for individual and corporate clients.At the point when Syme joined the firm as a director; the firm contained right around 37 full-time drivers alongside 30 part time employees and another 15 to 20 who were available on backup when required (Morrison, 2011). The firm offers excellent  assistance and various services to its clients. Aside from these phenomenal administrations; the organization likewise faces a few issues that straightforwardly affects the organization’s general performance.

Performance Analysis

“Chauffeured Limousine Transport” is successfully providing its customers with high quality operations and services. The company has been rated significantly high by its potential customers in terms to the quality of transport and services provided by its drivers. The company is facing a major issue which is deploying its performance. The company’s manager is quite concerned with the risk and issues that are hindering the company’s performance. The issue that is depleting the company’s desired performance value is the issue of customer call services center.

Description of Performance Issues

The company’s manager is greatly concerned with the continuous under performance issue of call center, which is declining its sales and performance,having a great tendency to put a genuine trudge in the client base. The major issue is that the capacity of call center is quite low (that is about only 8 people) as compared to the task assigned to them. These 8 people are required to perform bunch of tasks, i.e. to interact with customers, to handle all the issues and interactions, and to make the customers aware of their services. Also, all of them were asked to do pickups and scheduling of the customers and to provide awareness to the customers regarding the pricing as well.

Due to these multiple set of responsibilities; it became very difficult for just 8 people to respond to every customers on time and to help them frequently. This issues made the customers complain about their lengthy waiting time and poor customer services.  Therefore, the manager is quite concerned and serious about the issue because such issues can cause complications for the company in future.

The terrible performance of the client support call will limit the organization’s development plan and restrict the organization’s chances with respect to venturing into new and appealing business sectors. Consequently, the significant partners of the organization are anticipating the head supervisor to come up with an alluring arrangement for the solution of this issue and to foster an appealing and supportable activity plan for the proposed solution.

Data Collection

Appropriate Tactics

Since the issue is related to the call center and customer satisfaction, so in order to fill the performance gaps and to solve the issues;the best way to collect data is to use review approach and conducting of one on one meeting………………………….

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