Cognizant Technology Solutions Case Solution

In the area of ​​technology outsourcing highly competitive information, Cognizant Technology Solutions has developed a strategy to differentiate itself by focusing on building close relationships with customers through their model (TIB) “Two-in-a-box.” This model is based on two people sharing full responsibility for the client. The United States or Europe, person “in the act” with his team of relationship management, is responsible for understanding customer needs, obtain and properly projects scope of work. The person “at sea” in India or elsewhere, your delivery team, is responsible for the project in a high quality and timely manner. The same measures of the top and bottom line are used to evaluate the performance of both managers on site and abroad. This strategy (as opposed to based on things like low cost and innovation used by Cognizant’s competitors) is to establish relationships with customers deep and strong that will maximize Cognizant “portfolio.” An interesting aspect of TIB is Cognizant Business Consulting, a group of 1,700 people who advises clients in relation to help develop solutions for their business challenges. More recently, as the next evolution of the TIB model, Cognizant is developing what it calls “Cognizant 2.0” or C2. C2 is a delivery platform based on Web 2.0 technology which enables us to divide the work into tasks that can be assigned to any part of the world’s best resources within Cognizant are based on price, experience and availability, maintaining while collaboration and integration to ensure timely and high quality delivery.
Robert G. Eccles
David Lane,
Prabakar Pk Kothandaraman
Source: Harvard Business School
21 pages.
Date Posted: January 17, 2008. Prod #: 408099-PDF-ENG
Cognizant Technology Solutions Case solution

Cognizant Technology Solutions Case Solution
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