Coca-Cola: Green Case Solution & Answer


There are certain problems identified in the case, among which some problempointsmajor threat to the functional and operational efficiency of the Coca-Cola.

  • The government intervention to reduce or limit the supply of Sugary product in the country. The particular action may shrink the market share of coke classic, sprite and other sweet product.
  • The rising trend of environmentallyfriendly products.Which makes Coca-Cola, to think and comeup with a different idea of producing the plastic bottles which takea lot of water in production. Since theuse of eco-friendly bottles is not yethappened, it may pose a grEat threat to the function of TCCL in future.
  • The coke lovers always prefer Cokereal classic is complicated for the company to position a new brand with a new taste which is sweeter than actual code to aposition in the market, and build the same perception and acceptance level.
  • The color of the new coke: Green, Might become a problem for the company in maintaining the brand Coke has always patented the color and logo style of the product.Since Coke life is a coke with new green color and coke-life logo, it may create a confusion and perception distortion in the mind of the will also create a distortion in brandidentity and lack of association which consumers have with black and red coke. Also the new coke may also lose the top of mind factor and may become less identifiable among the stock of other cola drinks.


Courses of Action

Action Phase:

In order to make coca-cola life successful in the coming years and shift the whole process of production to eco-friendly, TCCL, have totake following actions in order to generate great acceptability and hence extract great profits.

  • Since the company aims to target the health-conscious consumer base, it must articulate the offering in a way which covers the natural ingredient part in Coca-Cola, yet engages the traditionality of the cola.In doing so, it should advertiseimmensely with prime focus on natural sugar ingredient to make a top of mind place in thecustomer Theadvertisement should depict the real natural essence which fights obesity but also gives a healthy taste andlife-style to the consumers.The advertisementshouldmarketbefore the total distribution in the markets to drive the demand pre-hand.
  • After the advertisement budget has been allocated and used, the company must take the blind test, widely, to incorporate the acceptabilityrate, in addition to knowing what customer want and factors are resisting the to buy the new coke.Addressing those factors pre-hand will allow the company to rightly manufacturer e the new Coke-life and improve the chances of right positioning and maintenance of brand identity.
  • Followed by the above steps, TCCL, initiate the distribution by concentrating its prime focus on the US market only.Where the factor of environment-friendlyproducts has become more aggressive than another part of the will allow the company to understand the acceptability rate and the success factor and also the loopholes or hurdles that might come along the positioning strategy implementation……………………………….

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