Question 1

The depletion of the world fishery stock is due to the illegal or unregulated fishing practices in the oceans. However, according to the reports published by U.S Fishery pointed that 22% around 4.76 million fishes dies around the world due to the by-catch. Similarly, the sustainable fishing is also concern around the world and is unregulated fishing, and there are no limits on the fishings.

Unregulated fishing, withoutlimit on fisheries, and by-catch has depleted the stock of fishery around the world.Consequently, the by-catch is concern that has contributed to depletion after the unsustainable fisheries around the world. However, the by-catch is the process by which the Fisher target specific animals in thesea, but in the process, many other untargeted animals die as well. Whereas the unsustainable fishing refers to unlimited fishing that creates further complexity in the industry.

Question 2

Indeed, it can be anticipated that overfishing in the Cod had created many adverse consequences, where the ecosystem also disturbed, and due to the overfishing the economy was also in major downturn. Similarly, based on that fact the over uses of the other natural resources might cause the depletion.

Similarly, excessive use of the natural resources might lead to major depletion of the natural resources, like forests, fossil fuels. Consequently, it might bring the human lives to another major problem after global warming that might disturb the human life generally with complex situations.

Whereas, the fossil oil includes the coal and petroleum, and natural gas along with the minerals. However, the coal is being used for thevarious purpose either for generating energy produced by government organizations, or by thecommercial. Petroleum is also important for human lives regarding personal use or commercial. Meanwhile, the natural gas and mineral are also important.

Question 3

Clearwater Sea foodshave been harvesting the scallops, lobsters, clams, shrimp, crab, and ground fish as well. Company’s most of theproducts came from its harvests. However, thecompany also purchase some material from the other harvesters. Similarly, the company has its factory vessels.

Meanwhile, the company has heavily invested in the harvesting, processing, and storage technologies that have assured the consistent quality of the products. On the other hand, the company’s revenues came from equally across the Europe, North America, and Asia. Whereas the one-third of the revenues came from the Scallops, and rest came from the other products like Lobster, Clams, and Shrimp.

Indeed, the 60% revenues of the company came from the restaurants, or the food service setting, and reaming 40% of the revenues came from the retail market.Most importantly, the fraction of sales to restaurants was higher in the Asia then in North America. However, due to the sustainable fishing, the company might haverestructured its distribution channel from aretailer, wholesaler to the direct the customers.

Because, the prices of the seafood aresupposed to increase in coming years due to sustainable fishing. Hence the prices might rise in the market. Thus, the company takes another route to the customers to meet with demands……………………

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