Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic Case Solution & Answer

Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic Case Solution 


Dr. Julia Connors established her Boston area clinic in 2012. She joined as a CEO and managed to make the clinic standout within one year. She has adopted an awareness strategy, using the internet. She targets her patients through internet advertising strategy, word of mouth and advertisement through local papers. These efforts-subsequently increase her number of patients, which in turn creates need for more spacious clinic.

To cope up with this problem, Dr. Julia Connors has proposed three options: the first is to expand the rooms of the clinic and the other is related to the expansion in working hours, along with working days. The third option suggests a new bigger area for the clinic in Boston, which requires a huge investment.

Problem Statement

Dr. Julia Connors, the CEO of Boston-area clinic, has identified some of growth opportunities for the organization. She proposed three options: the first is to expand the rooms of the clinic and the other is related to the expansion of working hours. The third option suggests a new bigger site for the clinic.She needs to identify which option or a set of options, is best for her clinic, in future.  (ROY SHAPIRO and PAUL MORRISON, 2016)

Situational Analysis

Dr. Julia Connors’s clinic operates efficiently to deal with the patients. Dr. Julia has made good relationship with her staff, providing them with competitive salaries and benefits. This strategy helps Julia in maintaining loyal employees, who ultimately help Julia in generating maximum benefits for the organization.Julia and her team work hard to capture their patients. She and her team work according to the following process chart. (Dr. Powell Robinson, 2016)

Constraints and Opportunities

The opportunities associated with the aforementioned three options is that the Cataracts market is growing day by day because of the baby boomers who are passing the age of above 40 years. This is typically related to the patients’ health,which is that’s why it is a growing market.Another growing market is immigrants of the U.S, who work hard under ultraviolet rays present in the workplace. Interestingly, the cataract surgery is not extremely expensive, hence all patient segments can afford this surgery. The rate of diabetic patients and smokers is increasing, which leads towards an increased rate of health issues like damaging cataract. These all factors will ultimately increase the potential growing market for the cataract surgery.

Constraint is that Julia has to increase the working hours of her staff, with an inclusion of increasing the working days, which will ultimately make a huge dissatisfying factor for the clinic.Anotherconstraint is that Julia has to invest more on staff training and the expansion of the building.Also, there are many strong competitors who already exist in the market, with loyal customers.

Revised Process Flow Diagram

A revised process flow diagram has been made after analyzing the topic. The proposed three options tend to help the organization in the patient’s overcrowd. This strategy helps in retaining the clinic’s loyal customers, without harming the clinic’s operations and profit.

The process flow diagram of Julia’s clinic,represents some percentages for the patients who didn’t visitfor their surgery after an appointment, and also those who didn’t  come for intake. Julia gathered the available call data through her PSRs. The data of four PSRs that were collected, are as follows:………..

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