Cisco Systems Inc. Video Case Solution

Illustrates the challenges associated with the centralization of IT decisions Cisco, after a decade of planning and financing of decentralized project. When Brad Boston became the new CIO of Cisco in 2001, found that managers began to be frustrated by the results of its latest initiatives. Boston think Cisco had to focus on its global infrastructure before investing in tools and functional applications. Under the direction of Boston and an operating executive committee, Cisco has selected three projects now require a level of planning and cross-functional cooperation, an important change in the legacy Cisco unprecedented entrepreneurial dynamism. As these three projects began to slow in 2004, Boston and the operating committee have been thinking about what types of new projects should support the organization. It raises questions about the management of change, central planning, IT priorities and allocation of resources, the cooperation of the company and project financing.
Andrew McAfee
Source: Supplement Video
Release Date: February 1, 2007. Prod #: VID-607702-SPA
Cisco Systems, Inc. Case Solution Video

Cisco Systems Inc. Video Case Solution
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